Can You Name These Iconic Actors?

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Are you an expert on Hollywood's leading men? We're going back 50 years and more here, digging into historic Hollywood when these characters were larger than life. These actors are the famed faces that today's Hollywood elite grew up watching and inspired them to pursue a career in front of the bright lights. Can you name Steve McQueen, Robert Redford, and the actor who was an amateur boxer before he ever picked up a script? Take this quiz to see if you really know the iconic stars of yesteryear. At Funtripe, our slogan is “Don’t watch life from the bleachers.” That’s why we deliver stories about human triumphs alongside quirky and hilarious stories. Our goal is to entertain our readers by dishing on their favorite entertainment topics, exploring viral stories that are popping off right now, and deep-diving into facts about celebrities and other famous people.