Your Favorite Celebrity’s Wealth Will Surprise You

JEAN RENO -$70 Million

French Actor Jean Reno is famous for his roles in the films Leon The Professional, Godzilla and Mission Impossible. After enjoying a successful theatre career, Jean moved to the big screen following his appearance in 1978 film The Hypothesis of the Stolen Painting. The actor received more notable roles in the movies Final Battle and Le Grand Bleu. He became even gained an international fanbase after he began starring in Hollywood films. Perhaps you also remember him from the 2006 blockbuster movie, The Da Vinci Code?

Over the years, his performances were also critically acclaimed. His sensibility and talent landed him roles in various genres. Reno owes his fortune to over four decades of being in the film industry and smart stock investments. Though he has amassed a net worth of $70 million, it is still four times less than Samuel’s.