Off Camera: Celebrities Who Broke Out Of Their Nice Character

There are a hundred reasons why we like our favorite actors and actresses. It could be purely physicalperhaps they were named the Sexiest Man or Woman Alive before. They could also be the best in singing and in composing songs. Others might have favorites because they have excellent money management skills and are now among the wealthiest celebrities. Not the least, their skills – actors like Tom Hanks are able to make a film worth the watch. Singers like Taylor Swift are trying to make a difference by upsetting the status quo in the music industry by chartering their own paths. Stars like Angelina Jolie are making waves because of their work in charity and for the betterment of the world.

Sometimes, however, what we know about them is filtered, or how they act is different when the camera is turned off. There are Hollywood stars that are not that angelic, even if they might seem to be the kindest when you see them act on TV or the big screen. Maybe they were having a bad day, and someone happened to be unlucky, but listed below are several of the celebrities who were thought to be kind but fell short.

Mariah Carey

There is no doubt that Mariah Carey is a singing diva. She is, after all, the person behind We Belong Together. Reports abound, though, that she has taken her diva-ness to another level by calling Jennifer Lopez and other singers as someone she “has no idea who that is”. That is just mean because they are her fellow artists in the music industry.

Her staff says that Carey had been over the top lately, especially since the lip-sync incident, which was revealed during a failure in her 2017 New Year performance. It can be recalled that on that day, she mouthed the wrong lyrics, and upon realizing this, she stopped and then began pacing the stage. The singer asked the audience to finish the song instead. We credit her quick decision and saying that she was trying to be a sport, but it appears she blamed the staff for this blunder later on.