Old But Gold: Celebrities Who Have Aged Under The Spotlight And Plans To Stay In The Limelight

Cher | 75 years old

The Goddess of Pop, Cher, is still looking great at 74 years old. Although many assumed that she will be retiring from the limelight, the singer isn’t saying goodbye to her career just yet. Unfortunately, her Las Vegas residency was cut short due to the current global situation, but the timing was right since she has other matters to attend to.

When Cher was young, she did not work on getting a degree as she had already set her mind on becoming a singer. She then became friends with Sonny Bono who later became her husband. The Sonny & Cher duo soon went their separate ways, but for Cher’s career, it was just getting better. The duo eventually reunited to do The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour but as soon as their separation became legal, Cher went back to solo. Aside from her music career, she also acted on the side with films like Witches of Eastwick, Burlesque, and Mermaids. Let’s not forget her philanthropy work as well. From the looks of it, she is not slowing down at all, and in fact, it looks like she is coming up with more activities to do.