These Female Celebs Defy Hollywood’s Beauty Standard and Refuse To Lose Weight

Being a Hollywood star comes with a lot of pros and cons. Sure, you can be as famous as the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie, who rose to international stardom and were adored by the many. It is probably just one of the many benefits that come with it, but how about the cons?

Being a female celebrity star comes with unrealistic standards. You have to look perfect, from the look of your face to the shape of your body—not to mention the weight. Hollywood seems to set a near-impossible level of beauty, such as extreme dieting and rigorous workouts and exercises so that celebrities can maintain their figure, but not everyone falls for these.

Sure, they are willing to make huge investments in the way they look from head to toe, but not to the point that they put their health at risk. It is much easier to buy a beauty product and have a facial treatment or procedure to make your skin look healthier and radiant than consulting a doctor and buying meds or getting surgery. If there are celebrities who are willing to do this, there are also women who defy the Hollywood beauty standard, refusing to lose weight and embracing the bodies they have.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez was once hailed as the sexiest woman back in 2001, and 10 years later, she was named as the most beautiful woman by People Magazine. However, did you know that this woman has also experienced body-shaming during her earlier days? That is because she was always told to reduce her weight but she ignored those suggestions and negative feedback hurled against her. Instead, she reiterated the body shape she has and was even told by her mother and grandma to accept whatever kind of body she has since birth.

We hope this advice reaches all people who feel guilty about how their body looks. J. Lo is an example that we should be happy and thankful for whatever body we have, whether we are fat or slim, and that we should never mind what others say regarding our body. We hope this teaches everyone to make an investment in a healthier and not just a beautiful body!

Ashley Graham

Social media will always be a place of jibes and banters no matter how famous you are – and that is the same case with Ashley Graham who received a negative comment on an Instagram post for being fat. The user said that they thought the actress was working out, and Graham fought back saying “Girls with cellulite and rolls can’t work out also?” In another post on Instagram, she was told by a user that she looks pregnant citing that it was a “baby bump”.  In return, she replied that it is just fat, shutting down another Instagram user who just body-shamed her because of her looks on that post.

According to her, she continuously receives jibes on her workout videos on Instagram. From the examples above, we should never try to comment on her Instagram posts when talking about her weight. Credits to her for being strong against these detractors.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams may have been praised for her 4 Olympic gold medals and 23 grand slams in her career, but she is still not safe and immune from those detractors who resort to racism and body shaming. She even revealed that playing in a tennis tournament is not easy, to a degree, while being body shamed.

For example, this famed tennis player was once being defended by other people, which includes Harry Potter author J.K Rowling, regarding body-shaming. This was when a Twitter user said that the tennis star’s body resembles a man’s body. There was also a time when her lovely spouse, Alexis Ohanian, defended her. Ion Tiriac throws a jibe at her body built citing that she has a different physique compared to what she had in previous years. Ohanian then said that nobody cares what he thinks in his retaliation to the 81-year-old tennis veteran and Madrid Open owner.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore always pours out her efforts on maintaining her weight for her films, but no matter what she does, she is not free from detractors. There are still some people out there on social media who always talk negative things about the actresses when she flaunts her body on social media sites.

According to her interview on The Late Late Show with James Corden, one person even approached her and claimed that the actress was pregnant due to her physique, to which she insists that she is only fat and has gained weight, to a certain degree. This happened right after she was leaving with her friends and children from a restaurant that they were at. It’s unfortunate how she was a victim of body shaming when all she was doing was eating out with her family and friends. While it’s probably not the reason, last February 2020, it was revealed that she lost 20 pounds according to her Instagram post.

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet is widely known for playing the role of Rose in James Cameron’s 1997 movie Titanic. It has been revealed in her speech back in 2017, at the WE Day charity event in London, that during her earlier years, the actress already experienced body-shaming. She became a victim of bullying as people were calling her blubber.

However, life goes on for the actress, and she never let her career be hampered by the past, so credits to the actress for overcoming it. She took that as an opportunity to speak against body shaming and inspire other people to rise up against bullying just like what she did. This shows that she is a strong woman and that she is larger than those who bully and ridicule her. Her tale also proves that the best and the sweetest revenge against bullies and to those who do not like you is simply “success”.

Renée Zellweger

Renee Zellweger has faced criticisms all over the years due to the transformation of her facial appearance and her weight. One of her critics was notably Variety’s Owen Glieberman who said that she does neither look like Bridget Jones nor herself. With those comments, it became controversial and that critic was under fire. We’re glad her fans and other celebrities supported her; in fact, she was defended by Rose McGowan who is also an actress.

She also penned an article called “We Can Do Better” in HuffPost and wrestled against a rumor posted by a tabloid newspaper back in October 2014 that she’ll undergo surgery to change how her eyes look. Her post aims to stop body shaming and to put an end to the norm where people only look after their physical appearances. Those criticisms she received did not become a hindrance to her career, and instead, she fought for it so credits to her for standing up against these body shamers. She is the kind of woman you do not want to mess with.

Blake Lively

For Blake Lively, she believes that every female celebrity right after their pregnancy should not opt to have fashionable body figures, and instead, be happy for achieving it rather than focusing on how to bring back your looks before pregnancy. This is because having a post-pregnancy body is already considered a miracle and it was just unfair, according to the actress.

However, in 2018, she changed her tone when she reduced her weight to 61 lbs. Her secret was avoiding the consumption of foods with gluten and soy, and she observed a balanced diet by consuming carbohydrates, vegetables, and protein combined with intense exercise and refraining from any kinds of processed foods which proves that nothing beats a healthy lifestyle as an investment for having a good body figure. Back in 2013, she maintained her skinny and sexy figure thanks to her consumption of chocolates and the actress shuns having a diet in order to maintain her desired figure. That was how she maintained her weight prior to adapting to newer methods.

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff was often seen wearing a bikini on her Instagram posts and other media outlets, and the reactions of every follower and viewer are surely mixed, either impressed or not impressed. As usual, there are so many detractors out there who also happen to be body shamers as well. Not only that, other forms of media such as tabloids were reportedly hurling jibes against the actress. Regardless, credits to the well-known actress for not letting herself down from these body-shamers.

When she was interviewed in an issue of RedBook magazine, way back in 2015, she stated that bodyshaming her postpartum body was mean. In her Instagram post, she addressed the mean comments and goes ballistic on those detractors who keep on body-shaming her. She replied that everyone should be grateful for what kind of bodies they have and that her body gave her a blessing which is her son Luca. We hope those body shamers learned from what she said.

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler is known for playing Arwen Undomiel in the Lord of the Rings trilogy directed by Peter Jackson and also known for her role as Grace Stamper in the 1998 movie Armageddon. Of course, aside from being a famous actress, she is also known as the biological daughter of Aerosmith vocalist Steven Tyler.

Now, let us talk about her weight. The actress does not want to take part in a strict diet and is happy with the weight that she has. Like other personalities, such as Blake Lively and Anne Hathaway, the actress also has the same perspective when it comes to body weight. She believes that we should not focus on losing weight when we have postpartum bodies after pregnancy.  Of course, there’s also nothing wrong with wanting to bring back their look before pregnancy, but it shouldn’t be the standard since it is not a good investment for our health. The actress even flaunted her postpartum body right after she gave birth to her daughter Lula when she attended a red carpet premiere held in London.

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks’ journey in the catwalk was not as easy as it seems because of her physique, which is said to be not suitable in the fashion world. For one, when she attended Milan Fashion Week, she received feedback that she was “too big”. Her mom then told her not to shed weight in order to be able to take part in any fashion shows, and she also revealed those designers who called it quits on working with her. Regardless of how she started out, she remained optimistic. Eventually, she became the face of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and a Victoria’s Secret Angel. She has been featured in mainstream fashion since then and even established her own show America’s Next Top Model back in 2003.

However, that did not spare her from those detractors and those front pages of tabloids were filled with insults hurled against her such as “Tyra Porkchops” and “Thigh-ra Banks”. In return, she fended them off and even credited her mom for giving her strength from these body shamers.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence had a rocky start in her career. She has been always prodded by the film producers to shed her weight and was even told that she will be terminated if she did not choose to follow the suggestion of the producer.

Aside from being an actress, she also serves as an example of how to fight off those body shamers in the industry like in her interview with Barbara Walters back in 2013. She told her not to call everyone fat on television citing that it may have an impact on younger television viewers. In short, she wanted to show professionalism on television and to stop body shaming on air. Thus, encouraging people to stop the prejudice based on their body built particularly their weight. With those sentiments, we would like to give credit to what J-Law is fighting for when it comes to body shaming.

Patricia Arquette

Patricia Arquette is one of the examples that body shaming should not curtail everyone’s career. Her early experience with body shaming was when she was told that she should get her teeth fixed but she declined. Another incident was on her television series known as Medium when she was told to reduce weight in order to fit her role as Allison DuBois on the said television show. Not only that, she was told that her facial appearance should look like she was just 30 years old but still, credits to her bold dedication to that role no matter what people say about her.

In 2019, seven years after her show Medium came to an end, she gained weight of 40 pounds for her role in Showtime’s television series entitled Escape at Dannemora along with Eric Lange who also happens to gain 40 pounds like her. This shows how committed she is to the role she is playing. We’re glad that she does not let body-shamers define her weight.

Jennifer Aniston

The actress known for playing the role of Rachel on the prestigious situational comedy program Friends is known for her flawless beauty even at the age of 51. However, even this gorgeous celebrity is not free from, body shamers inevitably present on social media.

We’re glad that she has never let those body shamers ruin her reputation, self-esteem, and her long career which is a lifetime investment that she is proud of. She has thrown shade on those tabloids that spread body-shaming headlines. In her post in Huffington entitled “For The Record”, it has been revealed that she was fed up with those who kept spreading rumors that she was pregnant and defended those who are always a subject of body shaming. She even urged everybody to love their bodies citing that all bodies are built to be beautiful. Her body-shaming story only shows that every journalist must report accurately and not based on rumors.

J.K. Rowling

Joanne Rowling, or better known as J.K. Rowling, is well-known among both moviegoers and bookworms as the author of the best-selling book Harry Potter and producer of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Part 2. Back in 2009, she spoke against the fashion communities for just focusing on the weights of models. In 2015, she was known for congratulating Serena Williams and defending her from a Twitter user who said that the tennis star looked like a man.

We’re glad she chastised the Twitter user for his body-shaming tweet against Williams, teaching him a lesson as a result. Let us give her a credit for showing her courage to defend the revered tennis player of all time. Of course, the words of those detractors are no match against the Harry Potter creator. This goes to show that her best-selling book isn’t only the magical thing she has because her words are also filled with the same conviction.

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell is known for voicing the narrator on the Gossip Girl TV series as well as Anna on Both Frozen 1 in 2013 and Frozen 2, which was released back in 2019. Although we have no details of how much she was paid for her voice role in these popular Disney films, we are certain that she made a good investment from those respective roles.

After her pregnancy, she was greeted with negative comments because her weight increased at that time. However, that did not matter to the actress citing that she is not the kind of woman whose beauty is based upon size. Regarding her stance against body shaming, she urged many people to share their weight in defiance of the norm of body shaming on social media and to put that stereotype to an end. Despite those jibes thrown at her regarding her postpartum body, it did not ruin her career at all. In fact, the career she has now is much bigger than those body shamers who keep on ridiculing how she looked.

Ryan Gosling

There was a time when Ryan Gosling had to gain 60 pounds for a role in the 2009 movie adaptation of the Alice Sebold novel The Lovely Bones. Helmed by the Lord of the Rings director himself, Peter Jackson, the latter, reportedly, fired the now-40-year-old star because of being thick. Despite his hard work, the role went to Mark Wahlberg, leaving Gosling on the heavier side and unemployed.

Eva Mendes’ partner had put in quite an investment to gain the weight needed for the role. He was very dedicated to having the dad bod in the 2009 film. At the time, he was only probably in his late 20s and had a buff body. To put on the weight, he turned the melted Haagen-Dazs ice cream into water. Yep, he chugged it all down as his water whenever he was thirsty. Sadly, his effort went to waste, all going to his waist and increase in body fat.

Kate Upton

Another often victim of body shaming is Kate Upton. The 28-year-old star is known for her voluptuous body, and with the beauty standard we have today, not everyone likes it. She even confessed that the talks about her body put her in an “emotionally bad place.” After she graced the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue back in 2012, Upton revealed that although she felt incredible of her achievement at the time, she couldn’t deny she felt uncomfortable with the negative attention her body got. If ever there’s a positive one, it was still “creepy.”

There were some debates about Upton’s body, whether she’s fat or not. This incident incited the famed model to get a body trainer’s help, not just to lose weight but to help her build strength and confidence both physically and mentally. Today, the degree of confidence Upton has in her body is palpable.

Chris Pratt

There are a lot of talks about Christ Pratt’s body—some are myths, others are facts, but no matter what they say, the 41-year-old star is 100% confident of his body. Unlike his fellow MCU actors Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth, Pratt is quite chubbier, but who would disagree that it suits him?

However, knowing he works in Hollywood, there is a big demand for him to get into the best body shape, turning his flab to abs—but, no, he refused. Pratt said he had been in his best physical shape for years, giving his wife, Anna Faris at the time, credit for feeding him. He was 136 kg when he was working on NBC’s Parks and Recreation. Anyhow, Pratt seemed to give in and decided to shed a little weight by removing his bad habits and using the right and effective method. Successfully, he cut out these bad habits to reduce some weight.

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel’s ripped body seems to be effortless. Is there a time that we see this 53-year-old star without looking hot in his body-fit shirts, where his biceps and muscles are screaming of hotness? He may be in his 50s, but the famed action star still has the body that can be lined up with the younger stars of today. Who will even dare to match his physique? Some guys may even be willing to go for a loan just to have a body like his.

Diesel can often be spotted in a gym, undergoing training and sporting a leaner figure. If you’re wondering if he’s being forced to do so, no one dictates him to do this. He is a professional actor who wants to maintain a good body shape for his future movie projects. By the looks of it, Diesel is not trying hard to fit in or live in everyone’s perception of him. Basically, he is just doing his job.

David Harbour

David Harbour may not be the sexiest actor that you can see in Hollywood today, but everyone loves his dad bod. Stranger Things will never be complete without the fan-favorite character, Jim Hopper. Despite his heavy build, some said he is the sexiest part of the Netflix series.

However, fans started to worry when Harbour made a major body transformation when he did the 2019 remake of Hellboy. He had to lose weight and build some muscle to look ripped in his suit. Although he received credits for the change, his Stranger Things fans believed his dad boy was way better. To comfort the fans, Harbour revealed they would still get to see his old body shape when the TV/web series returned on the small screen this year, showing “sexy Hop” in his full glory. Now, viewers all have a reason to celebrate.

Sam Claflin

Sure, you have seen Sam Claflin in some of his best roles in the movies The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Me Before You. However, before he proudly showed his perfect body shape at the time, he admitted he was insecure after dealing with the body shamers on the movie sets. Revealing the unfortunate incidents he experienced, he recalled some were grabbing his fat, telling him he needed to lose weight, while others were slapping him, making him feel like a piece of meat.

Claflin then compared today’s beauty standards to the past, saying James Bond didn’t even have a six-pack. He even said Marlon Brando wasn’t ripped, although he had an incredible body then. Indeed, he had used his credit card to go to gyms and work out, but he said he would never take great measures to follow what others say—talk about body positivity.

Ben Affleck

Fans used to see Ben Affleck on the heavier side. He was even criticized for his body shape, looking a little fuller while portraying the role of Batman. However, it looked like the 48-year-old star got tired of the criticisms and put off the pounds. Jennifer Garner’s former husband had a dramatic body transformation after he focused on his health, resulting in a massive weight loss.

Affleck is now eating healthy, working out a ton, cutting out the carbs, and eating a lot of protein to keep his body in shape. Anyhow, some worry for the award-winning star for looking too thin that he must keep his insurance handy. It is also good to know that his lifestyle change has nothing to do with any roles or Hollywood at all, but due to his girlfriend, Ana de Armas. Yes, as the Cuban beauty eats healthy, she has gotten Affleck into it, too.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the actors who have been body-shamed often. Gone are the days that the 46-year-old star was a thin teen heartthrob as he is now a full-grown man who turned to be one of the most sought-after leading men. At his age, it can’t be denied that DiCaprio now has the dad bod, so when he went into a vacation in 2014, he was criticized for not having a six-pack. At the time, he was confidently showing his fuller body, and he didn’t mind.

He didn’t even have anything to say to his body critics, as DiCaprio had no time to please everyone. There are reports he is now trying to lose weight for a movie role that he has to do and not because people want him to. Fellow dad bods are surely giving DiCaprio the credits for bucking the Hollywood six-pack stereotype.

Gigi Hadid

Whether fat or thin, it looks like celebrities are not safe from body-shamers, just like Gigi Hadid. If others are body-shamed for looking full, the 25-year-old model has been criticized for being too skinny. Although the mother-of-one saw the negative comments on social media as “nonsense,” she couldn’t help but acknowledge that the degree of the criticisms was hurtful.

However, instead of focusing on the negativity, she just put her attention on loving her body and her health unconditionally. She even cleared she wasn’t skinny because she gave in to the industry but because she wanted to have a more athletic figure. In fact, Hadid is proud of her own body, primarily that she used to be a volleyball player and a horseback rider. She also revealed that her drastic body change had something to with a health issue. Nonetheless, she is internally healthier and continues to work out for a healthier body every day.


Everybody knows what kind of a rock star Pink is, so she doesn’t have the time for the daunting celebrity diet and fitness routine. Sure, she is not neglecting her health and is still following a fitness regime that is very doable and is something that everyone can follow.

Her nutritionist Arian Resnick revealed her client had successfully maintained her shape because of her health goals. They started in a diet that eventually turned into a lifestyle change. Like others, they began with the usual process of strict dieting that was eventually lightening up over time as they got the results. When they had reached their goal, Pink was already consuming regular food that people would normally eat. It looks like the 41-year-old star will never have a problem using her credit card at all to buy the stuff she needs to keep herself healthy and her body in shape.

Kirsten Dunst

A lot of celebrities will take significant measures to lose weight for a role but not Kirsten Dunst. Sofia Coppola reportedly asked the 38-year-old star to shed pounds for the movie The Beguiled, but the actress refused. Dunst explained it is much harder to lose weight now that she’s already 35 years old and even admitted she hates working out.

She also stressed the filming’s location in rural Louisiana would also add to the difficulty of losing weight. They had no option but to eat fried chicken and fast food, and this would never help her to slim down, so she gave Coppola credit for understanding her situation. Dunst said she couldn’t lose weight for the role — we’re sure many stars wish they had a director who was like Coppola and who would understand them. From the looks of it, Dunst is merely saying she is just like an average person who doesn’t have the magic pill to slenderize that easily.

Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson, like a lot of Hollywood celebrities these days, said she became subject to the pressure on women in Hollywood to look skeletal — but she refused. The 31-year-old star credits exercise, meditation, and coffee for helping her to feel happy. She said this trifecta works every single time.

Benson starts her day by playing with her dogs, getting coffee, and doing Pilates three times a week for an hour. There are also times when she feels like not doing anything, which makes her guilty and not feeling good about herself. She also does squats for her legs, circuit training, running, and lunging at the gym, and if she has a healthy-living idol she looks up to, it’s Gwyneth Paltrow. Although Benson admitted she’s not a good cook, she knows how to prepare some meals, and shared that looking at Paltrow’s cookbooks makes her feel better.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone proved she is just like every woman who is having a hard time keeping her weight. The 32-year-old star admitted it’s a challenge for people to love their bodies, especially for women, because it’s much easier to be critical of oneself and one’s image. Since a lot of women look up to her and want to have the same body that she has, she addressed the issue of the “pressure to be thin.”

Stone credits her genes for helping her maintain a skinny body. However, she knows everything will change as time goes by, and as she starts to age. She even said she also has many body issues that she has to face, and that she’s not an immortal who can avoid dealing with the usual problems—the weight and the everyday struggle to look beautiful and feel good about one’s self.

January Jones

January Jones doesn’t mind what others say about her looks and body, insisting she feels comfortable in her own skin. In an interview, the 43-year-old star said public opinion doesn’t matter to her, and she loves to do things her own way. She doesn’t even spend a lot of time in the gym, which gives her the chance to use her investment money elsewhere.

However, Jones clarified that this doesn’t mean that she’s not active. In fact, she is. She plays tennis and even swims; it is just that she doesn’t work out regularly. In fact, when she got her own trainer to work with her while she was filming for X-Men, she would say she’s already exercising in her room despite that all she was really doing was watching Friends and enjoying a full tea service. Talk about strong will and body positivity, Jones is probably the epitome of it.

Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil may be the best image of anti-body-shaming. The 34-year-old star is not afraid to speak her mind—even if it may get her in the kind of trouble that will require a lawyer. She once bravely called out Khloe Kardashian for glorifying diet culture — this paved the way for the world to see the body-positive activist in her.

Jamil started the I Weigh movement, an Instagram account that is all about equality, confidence, self-worth, and authenticity. After her own battle against Hollywood’s pressuring to have the  ideal look and image, Jamil is now trying her best to protect teens and young girls from the damaging effects of wanting to look perfect. Anyhow, for the British DJ, nothing is personal. All she wants is to keep these kids protected from the culture that is demanding they follow what society dictates.

Kelly Clarkson

American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson wowed the world with her vocal power and powerhouse performances. When she gave birth to her daughter River Rose, however, she wasn’t able to get back on the weight department. While the singer was definitely okay about it, a lot of people on social media found it hard to keep quiet about it. British media personality Katie Hopkins was one of the key people who harshly commented about Clarkson’s weight on Twitter. This stirred the controversy to a higher degree.

According to Clarkson, though, she does not “obsess about” her weight, and she thinks this is one of the many reasons why people talk about it so much. She added that ever since she has started a family, she has actually looked toward them for acceptance and not the public at large, because they are the ones that matter in her life. She also said in one interview with Redbook that when talking about weight, people don’t actually care about her health – they only think about her “aesthetics”.

Gina Rodriguez

Jane the Virgin star, Gina Rodriguez, took the world by storm when she landed the role of Jane in the hit sitcom. She turned conventional perspectives on beauty on their head and has inspired so many others to reach their dreams. When the pilot episode of the TV series was released, they got a lot of good feedback, but Rodriguez also got sick at the same time. She lost weight involuntarily and the management of the network had to sit her down. To her surprise, however, they did not like that she got thinner. They said that they wanted her to stay the way she was because it was perfect.

Just like that, she no longer attempted to get thinner for TV. Though she can eat what she likes, she still makes an investment in her health. She has Hashimoto’s disease, so she still doesn’t eat food that can be bad for her like soy, gluten, and fluoride. She still exercises too through boxing and working out. She said in an interview that she likes herself no matter what her weight is. She acknowledged that being healthy is what matters more and that we all have unique journeys that don’t look the same.

Amy Schumer

Trainwreck star Amy Schumer has had insecurities about her body her whole life. When she entered Hollywood, her body image just got worse. The producers of Trainwreck told her that she had to lose a lot of weight so that the movie would come out great and she readily complied. She admitted in an interview that she really went on an extreme diet just to get rid of all the pounds but that she was never going to do that to herself again. She may seem bigger than most women in Hollywood but she said she’s actually smaller than the average American woman, so she can’t be considered “fat” technically.

However, since Hollywood needs actresses to be under 140 pounds to not “hurt people’s eyes,” Schumer lost the weight but also emotionally lost a lot in the process. She has managed to get out of it though, and the degree of love she has for herself has tremendously changed for the better.


One girl who has always rocked her curvy figure everywhere she goes is the singer and entrepreneur Rihanna. She explained in an interview with The Cut that her body type was really that of fluctuating weight. She said that even if she can look absolutely stunning in a tight little dress one day, she can easily find herself needing something oversized the following day. According to the star, she makes it a part of her morning routine to pay attention to what her body needs for the day.

There are days when she needs to hide her belly but there are days that are perfect for showing off her abs. Rihanna takes credit for having a strong personality and she doesn’t really listen to negative comments, especially about her weight. She does, however, make occasional sarcastic remarks on those haters. In one Instagram post of a fan, a video of her taking a bag of Cheetos and Ruffles was featured. It was bashed, but the singer commented “Somebody called me too fat?”

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato was known to the world as a Disney darling and later on a great singer. She was only 18 when she had to go to rehab because she developed an eating disorder. She was told time and again that she needed to be thinner because that was the standard of beauty. As a teenager, she believed that religiously to the point of compromising her health.

Now an adult, she famously celebrates her body and is happy with what she has. She said that after what she went through, she won’t stop herself from getting treats from time to time anymore. She admitted to having gained some weight after quitting dieting but she felt so much better emotionally too. She also wanted her fans to credit her as a good example, and she knew that body-shaming herself when the rest of the world did it was not a good idea.

Tess Holliday

Plus-size supermodel Tess Holiday is often praised for her success in the world of modeling but is also often bashed for being a size 22. In an interview with Yahoo! Style, she said that though people always talk about her being successful, they almost always add that she isn’t healthy. According to her, though, she is. She is accused of telling people it’s okay to be unhealthy but in reality what she really wants is that people accept their bodies and become confident in their own skin.

Admittedly, the model says she does not “do diets” because they don’t work. She is very happy with her body and answers to anyone who tells her otherwise. She has no intentions of losing weight because after all, she is a successful career woman. She credits Miss Piggy as her role model. She was a pig on TV and she was fabulous and sexy, so she actually got a tattoo of her!

Mandy Moore

A Walk to Remember star Mandy Moore has had body image issues from the start. According to the actress, we should credit social media for making our perceptions of ourselves a whole lot worse. She said that since everything on these platforms are “curated looks” of the lives of other people, we should be wary of what we compare ourselves to. She said it really helped that when she was a teen, social media was not a thing yet so it did not deflate her self-esteem the way it’s does to teens today.

She thought she was quite impressionable when she was younger, and it really could have gotten to her if it was present.  She admits that she is still in the process of detoxing herself but she’s working on it. When it comes to body shaming, she recognizes that her body isn’t necessarily stereotypical but she is very confident in the skin that she’s in.

Misty Copeland

Prima ballerina Misty Copeland struggled not only with weight but also with her dark skin as she pirouetted her way to stardom. She said she was told to lose weight a lot and it didn’t help that she was African American. No one else looked like her so it made her feel smaller and more doubtful about the path she chose to take. She said, however, that she wanted to show everyone, including the ballet industry and all its spectators, that one can still be a great dancer even if you’re not light-skinned or blonde.

You don’t have to be very thin to actually be able to perform what is needed of you. She said she put in a lot of work in her career, already professionally dancing ballet at 19. She now takes credit for being the first African American principal dancer in the American Ballet Theatre.

Meghan Trainor

All About that Bass singer Meghan Trainor rose to fame when her song catapulted body-shaming issues out into the open. She was one of the few stars who faced body shaming head-on and talked – or sang – about accepting yourself and your body no matter what you look like. Though she totally meant well, she even got criticism for shaming thinner people.

Because of the infamous line in the hit song, people said she was “skinny shaming” which was the opposite of what she had experienced herself. She turned this down, of course, saying that she only meant even thin people think they are fat and that they have the same problems. About her own weight, Trainor said that though she is happy with her body, she still works out to stay healthy. Now that is an investment we all should make.

Ashley Greene

Twilight star Ashley Greene has heard it all. People have criticized her body for either being too thin, too fat, or too bulky. When she was just new to the set of the famous saga, she was told a lot of things about her weight. She admitted that she was way more impressionable back then and would do things to please others. However, now that she is all grown up, she can say that she knows what truly matters.

She said that she feels great. Strong and healthy were her words to describe herself as being happy with her body. After being bombarded with a lot of varied comments, she decided she didn’t care about what people said anymore. It’s really her health that we are looking out for. Because of all the money she earned from her career, she surely has good health insurance.

Zooey Deschanel

The star of New Girl, Zooey Deschanel, may have been the titular character Jessica Daye in the hit sitcom but she was also body shamed by Hollywood. She said in an interview with Cosmopolitan that all her life she never had that urge to be skinny. She preferred a healthier look. She admits to make the usual investments of eating right and working out but she doesn’t worry so much about her size like other people.

When she gave birth to her daughter Elsie Otter, she got a lot of backlash about putting on some weight. To this, she replied that it isn’t normal for a woman’s body to go straight back to looking like she’s never had a child right after actually giving birth. She said that it’s a great thing to be able to give life to a human being and that since your organs moved around, time should really be given for recovery.

Sanaa Lathan

Actress Sanaa Lathan has been in the industry for so long ever since she was a child. Because of all the time she spent here, she has already developed a strong personality that can withstand all the haters of Hollywood. She said in an interview with Health Magazine that she never really dreamed of being that skinny girl. It was never her type as well. She thought about being an actress more, and how it was her job to portray people in every shape and size.

She does not listen to comments about her weight and even when some people thought she was pregnant, she just laughed at the remark. She acknowledges that because everyone is watching, there will always be a critic. Sometimes, there are pictures that get her bad angle and they don’t look good but she knows that a thick skin is essential to dodge the negativity. She said she never starves herself because part of her investment planning will always be her health.

Sofia Vergara

One of the sexiest personalities in Hollywood is Sofia Vergara. She is known for her curves and stunning figure. You would think someone like her wouldn’t get haters along the way but you’d be surprised at how many people told her to lose weight. In one interview, she said that someone once told her that she should drop a few pounds to look better on camera.

She would look better in the photos too, they say, but she answered them that she still looked better when naked. She wanted to stand her ground about her body. She is happy with her figure and though not everybody agrees with her, it still is her decision because she is the one living with it after all. Her body was good for her investment planning, too, because she got cast for her iconic figure a lot.

Gabourey Sidibe

Oscar-nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe is one of the best actresses in the movie world today but a lot of people choose to criticize her for her size. She didn’t want to give in to the conventional standard of beauty set by Hollywood and mainstream media. She said that she isn’t about to start dieting and losing weight just to please everyone.

When pictures of her in the Golden Globes circulated all over social media, she replied to them with a strong tweet. She addressed those who made rude comments about her pictures and said that she cried about them on her way to her dream job. Now that’s one way to fight back — with a graceful degree of subtlety.  Sidibe recounted an encounter with Joan Cusack, one of her role models in the business. She said that Cusack told her to leave the industry because it was too “image-conscious”.

Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson may look slim with a beautiful figure but she still gets jabs at her weight. Not a lot of people in Hollywood get away from it really. Dawson once said that during an audition she attended in a sweater, she was told by her manager that she should have worn a tighter piece of clothing because casting directors look at how thin actresses are no matter how good they are for the role.

She works hard for her appearance and her talent but she still gets insecure about how slim she needs to be. Just like everyone else, she still gets a degree of doubt every time she feels like all eyes are on her. She is beautiful no matter what and we hope that she takes good care of her overall health and wellness as well.

Gemma Arterton

We all knew and loved this English actress for being a bond girl, being Gretel, and for being a human cursed by a god to never grow old. Gemma Arterton is so much more than just flawless skin, a height to die for, a perfect face, and a gifted actress. She had an extra finger that she had removed. She was proud of her decision and remains an inspiration. Not only that, but Gemma also refuses to go on a tad diet and skip her meals even with all the body-shaming she has received over the years.

Now that she is a family woman, she has gotten more attention from critics and viewers insisting that if she wanted more roles, she should lose some pounds. She might have successfully lost a few pounds every now and then but in the end, it doesn’t even matter since she always looks sexy no matter what size she’s in at the moment. She also inspires women all over the world that they should never starve themselves; they only need to control their food intake, credits to Gemma for being such a beacon of light.

Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy is best known for his roles in Peaky Blinders, Inception, Batman Begins, and more. This talented 44-year-old Irish actor must have all the credits in the world for not being afraid to speak his mind in most aspects of his life. We must be wondering why Murphy is on this list since he is pretty slim as it is, only weighing 155 pounds, so adding in protein and extra calories would take him back to becoming Thomas Shelby whenever he’s needed.

Now, he is on this list because he believes that every body type needs to have a bit of respect from people. He is also adjusting to his weight loss/weight gain struggles due to his roles. Cillian gave up being a vegetarian for 15 years in order to play a character. Now, that is dedication beyond compare!

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller is a beautiful English actress who is beloved for so many roles. All credits to Miller, because before she became a mother, she was one of those women who just doesn’t get fat. According to her, she follows what she calls a cellulite diet but admits that she eats 6 times a day. She doesn’t just minimize food, she exercises as well, which, according to her, is the best combination to fight those dimples away.

Not so long ago, Miller courageously opened up that motherhood changed a whole lot more than just her schedule. It totally changed her whole life and also her what used to be an untouchable figure. She said that being a mother is a messy thing that comes with a lot of messiness. She is one of the few women who have the best responses when it comes to body shaming.

Tia Mowry-Hardrict

Along with her sister Tamera Mowry, Tia Mowry-Hardrict gained world recognition for her role in Sister Sister. This 42-year-old American actress started her career as a beautiful, perfectly bronzed, slim lady. A few years later, Tia is still beautiful, but apparently, being a mom has its perks. She gained so much weight that she was barely recognizable. Thankfully, with the help and support of her loving husband, and also her investment in stealing her physique back, she lost 68 pounds!

Now, she is looking radiant and confident as ever. It wasn’t always like that with Tia though. She experienced enough bullying from her post-pregnancy weight gain and for 9 years, she decided to ignore it. She revealed that she was having enough trouble with postpartum depression. Now that she’s got her life back together, she shouted out to all the women who wished to have more self-love, that in order to get one, ladies should always snap back at the first hater.

Pippa Middleton

Philippa Charlotte Matthews, otherwise known as Pippa Middleton, is the one and only sister of Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. She is an English socialite, columnist, author, wife, and mother. Pippa has been under the public eye ever since her sister Kate married Prince William and became royalty. Pippa and Kate share almost the same body type – lean and tall. Although, giving birth brought a lot of changes to her body. Pippa knew that she was carrying a blessing – a baby, and not some unwanted fat.

The pressure, however, was unavoidable, especially after she gave birth. All credit to this gorgeous intelligent lady for ignoring the haters about her having an athletic body and even criticizing her that she lost too much weight too soon after giving birth. We are guessing Pippa handled all of these rumors as royally as she can, by staying silent and constantly flexing her abs in bikinis to make haters give up and go away.

Chrissy Teigen

Known to be one of the most outspoken women in the world today, supermodel Chrissy Teigen does nothing different when it comes to her body and all the body shamers out there. During ordinary days, Chrissy receives a massive amount of cyberbullies trolling her on her social media platforms. She has never been one to back out from clapping back at comments especially since she declared that trolling is completely unacceptable.

Apparently, she is tired of talking about her weight and whether she lost or gained a few pounds — there is always going to be a critic. As the wife of EGOT winner and famous singer-songwriter John Legend, and as one of the most followed female celebrities of all time, it is no surprise that Chrissy has haters; especially considering her prank, straightforward, and bold attitude.  All credits to her strength and self-respect!

Queen Latifah

This 50-year-old singer, songwriter, rapper, actress, and producer is not only gifted with her looks and talents. Dana Elaine Owens, professionally known as Queen Latifah, is an inspiration to many women because of her bold attitude too. For that, she already deserves all the credit in the world. There was a time when Latifah gained so much weight that her overall body weighed 200 pounds. That is equivalent to 90 kilos!

When she decided back then that she was ready to become a mom, her friends and even strangers came with advice and tips on how to have a healthy pregnancy. She may have taken care of her weight recently since she has diabetes, but it doesn’t mean that she is after that perfect physique. Once, she spoke to the world and put an end to all of the gossipings by saying that she is simply not skinny, period. She is proud of her body shape and that is quite something. Go get ‘em, queen!

Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks is an American British performer, actress, and model This 45-year-old redhead beauty is known for her role in Mad Men, as well as other huge projects. Hendricks has always been on the big side her entire career. We should also give her credit for not being ashamed about her body type and for fighting for it. Not just for her, but on behalf of every woman in the world who is struggling with the same concern.

Once, Hendricks could no longer contain her frustration, so she shared to  the public about how mad she got when she was turned down for roles because of her body type. She said that no one should ever adjust their body and face to land a role. She said that failing to get a role because of her figure is actually a life awakening experience for her. She only wanted to prove to the industry that she won’t change no matter how much they want her to. All credits as well for this beautiful actress who is among the female celebrities who have spoken out due to designers refusing to dress them because of their body shape.  It looks like Hendricks is not backing down anytime soon, nor is she changing the way she is to fit into other people’s standards.

Candice Bergen

One of the most beautiful actresses of her time, Candice Bergen still remains active in show business. She has starred in movies like Miss Congeniality, Sweet Home Alabama, and more. At her advanced age, she still has a gorgeous face, but it is clear to many, even to Candice, that her physique has changed dramatically. Being the award-winning actress that she is, we might think that she doesn’t need a slim figure, right?

But for critics — they’ll always have something to say about a celebrity’s physical appearance. Candice appeared not too many years ago on the film Book Club where, to her credit, she starred alongside three other Hollywood giants — Jane Fonda, Mary Steenburgen, and Diane Keaton. She was obviously the bigger one but the actress didn’t care. She said her friends accepted her for who she is and as long as she doesn’t cross the obesity line, she will do just fine.

Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter is one of the most promising actresses of today. She has been in many projects and TV shows but what most might not know is that she is the acting voice of Princess Sofia, and she is a very loyal girlfriend. She is active on social media and has a solid fan base. In spite of having one of the prettiest faces today, she was always on the bigger side and this was enough for critics to troll her.

Ariel bravely faces haters by dressing up in whatever she wants to. She flaunts her curves and ignores everyone watching her or talking about her, knowing that however much weight she lost, there is still something people will say about her behind her back. So, she stopped trying to impress people and decided to love herself more. She declared that, to some degree, the only person one can rely on is themself.

Bonnie Sveen

Bonnie Sveen is an Australian actress and a proud mother of three. Although she won a Logie for her performance on Home and Away, the actress revealed that her foray into acting wasn’t easy. While scouting for potential projects, Bonnie Sveen refused to slim down before finally landing that dream role of hers, even though she was constantly reminded and almost demanded to. She said she is proud of her curves, and just by saying that, she deserves all the credits in the world already.

She offered some wisdom into becoming who we want to be and who we desire to be. For Bonnie, the key to embracing who you truly are boils down to self-love and self-acceptance. She will forever be known as one of the celebrities who refused to lose weight for a role. It is not always easy to do, with her character, who is continuously on a bikini at a beach. Still, with her confidence and motivation to inspire other women, it seemed possible.

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie is an Australian legend. Not only did she breathe life into Harley Quinn, Queen Elizabeth, Tonya Harding, and a two-time leading lady to Leonardo DiCaprio, but she is also an award-winning actress, a producer, and a devoted family woman. The 30-year-old actress is also known for her perfect figure. However, the creators of Tarzan, where Margot played Jane, didn’t seem to find her physique slim enough. As a result, they asked her to shed some weight for the role, to which Margot automatically said no.

According to Margot, she didn’t want to lose weight because that would mean she would have to give up her nights at the pub. Talk about a real-life queen making her own decisions! She doesn’t even want to star in a James Bond film is she was a bond girl. Instead, she’d only want to star in one if they would make a girl version of James Bond. As long as she’s making healthy investments, then we’re in full support.

Camila Mendez 

Camilla Mendez is one of the sweetest and most beloved actresses of today. She and Lily Reinhart have gotten credit for being two of the most sought-after leading ladies on Netflix today. The best of friends also share the same perspective on body acceptance. They both refused to be body-shamed or called fat just because some hater online is having a bad day.

Camilla has this gift of acting, a beautiful face, and a gorgeous body. However, no matter how attractive an actress is, there is always something that people and sometimes producers want to change about them. The 26-year-old brunette beauty has even opened up about her previous eating disorder. Kudos to Camilla for being an inspiration to so many women and for standing up for herself. She even decided not to go on any diets fearing that her self-control would again vanish and her body obsession would start coming back. She is a true beacon of light for her generation, indeed!


Lizzo is one of the most controversial, famous, and successful artists of this generation. She is also known to be unapologetically herself, her music, clothes, posts on social media, and especially to her body. However, as confident as Lizzo may seem, she also has some awful days where she struggles with finding her self-worth and insecurities. Like other celebrities, Lizzo also grapples with weight issues often pointed out by the paparazzi, critics, and people worldwide.

The 32-year-old talented singer believes that she should take her own time and pace and find a diet that would work for her, even if that means only shedding off one pound per week. Currently, she has been obsessed with smoothies and says it makes her feel amazing. She doesn’t even care how many calories she burns in a day. She also believes that she can be beautiful in any size and shape, and so can everyone. We surely admire her for making investments for her health.

Kourtney Kardashian 

A Kardashian refusing to lose weight? Yep, we’re puzzled too. However, that is precisely the case for Kourtney Kardashian. If you didn’t already know, Kourtney is famous for her clothing, makeup, and social media investments. Kourt is known to be obsessed with keeping up with her Keto snacks to maintain her weight. After giving birth, Kourtney found it harder to maintain her body. Because of that, she became the center of body shaming at one point since people finally found an excuse to troll her on the internet.

After which, the star revealed that she is just trying to maintain a 100-pound weigh while ignoring all the pressure and negative comments online. The Kardashians have never been the ones to back down from confrontations. Kudos to Kourtney and her clan for always peaking their minds and the things they stand up for!

Lili Reinhart

Lili Reinhart is popularly known as Betty Cooper in the famous TV series Riverdale. Lili has always had the heart for singing, dancing, and acting. Sadly, the industry was not always good to her. The then 18-year-old actress thought about quitting just five months after launching her acting career. At some point in her career, people spread rumors of Lili being pregnant solely based on a photograph of her and her body.

However, Lili is a strong woman with many investments, and she does not need to explain anything to anyone. After the rumors spread, she posted an Instagram response shutting down body shamers who continually leave unpleasant comments on her posts. Lili realized that her unflattering stomach photo is just normal. Our bodies go through change, and we mustn’t apologize to people for how we look. People should stop giving comments and effort about the weight and figure of someone.


Beyonce is an iconic singer and musician who started her career as a member of Destiny’s Child. Her career with her group was already quite successful. However, Beyonce reached greater heights when she ventured out being solo. However, her fame and influence proved useless when it came down to ruthless comments about her appearance. After her performance at the Super Bowl 50 halftime show, trolls took to Twitter to comment about her weight. Her response? — Creating her smash hit, Bootylicious.

In her interview with Shape Magazine, she stated that she created Bootylicious when she was 18 years old. She dedicates the song to everyone who has been under so much pressure from society. The essential things for Beyonce are building yourself, character, making investments, and enjoy the best of your life. It is a celebration of everyone, of different women’s bodies, because they are unique and beautiful. Embracing yourself is the best way to shut down haters.

Sailor Brinkley-Cook

For those who don’t know, Sailor Brinkley-Cook is the daughter of world-renowned model Christie Brinkley. After tuning into Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2016, she shared a thoughtful message on her Instagram. According to Sailor, being a Victoria’s Secret Angel is a beautiful work, and it comes with determination, strength, and passion. However, young girls of the generation mustn’t think that this is the only standard of beauty.

It’s important to note that there is nobody type superior to others. Each body grows different, and never be ashamed if your stomach is not as flat as the models you see on the runway. Instead, both men and women should embrace their bodies, work hard, make healthier investments, and set their goals. Sailor also explained that she is a fan of VS Angels and not a hater. It is her only way of reminding women that all body types are acceptable and look beautiful.


Having an eating disorder is difficult, and Tik-Tok singer Kesha is definitely aware of it. Not many people know it, but the singer has actually managed to complete her treatment and has since shut down several derogatory comments from her body shamers. Nowadays, Kesha shares several photographs in her social media accounts embracing the body she has. Furthermore, Kesha said that people should get over their obsession with making comments about other people’s bodies.

Today, she has a net worth of $10 million, making her immune to any type of loan out there. She loves her body and advice young people to embrace the gift you have so no one will ever step down on their confidence. Kesha was only 18 when she got into the business, where she signed a contract with Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe Entertainment. Since then, her career has been climbing up the Hollywood ladder.

Bryce Dallas Howard

Bryce Dallas Howard may be a Hollywood heiress, but she is not ashamed to find her perfect dress in a department store for Golden Globes Awards. Instead of swiping her credit card to buy or rent a fancy designer dress, Bryce chose to be just like the rest of us and pick up an affordable choice off the racks. Since Bryce leans more towards the plus-size body type, she found that shopping at department stores is much easier since they have everything in every size. Her experience in this place is fantastic, given that people do not mind her weight.

The Jurassic World actress is also a great director. Her father was a renowned filmmaker, which led them to pursue the same passion. She went to New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts to pursue a degree but left when she went to Broadway. Bryce has many works under her belt, but her performance in the Jurassic Park franchise is what put her name on the map.

Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter spent years trying to bring back his confidence after people constantly body-shamed him. Whenever he saw a hateful comment, he immediately stood up for himself and addressed them in series of tweets. It is hard for Aaron to go through this phase since the singer has anxiety. However, even with his condition, he manages to be positive and maintained his credit score in the industry.

Carter is one of the renowned pop singers who earned acting credits in several TV shows like Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, and Lizzie McGuire. He was young when he started his singing career, where his parents acted out as his manager. Aaron learned from tutors while on tours. He made his way to the industry victoriously, and he is proud of that. Today, he is expecting a baby from his girlfriend, Melanie Martin.

Anna Paquin

You will be envy Anna Paquin for many things starting with her fantastic body, which continues to stun audiences even until now. She can kill any outfit, including ripped jeans and a white T-shirt. This Academy Award-winning actress is undoubtedly all about body positivity. She is happy with how her body turned out and never felt the need to take weight loss supplements. Furthermore, Anna is notorious for putting body shamers in place. When asked about her advice to other women, Anna said that being yourself is the best gift you can give.

Anna was brought to Wellington, New Zealand but was originally born in Canada. Her talent is impressive that she focused on being a child actress instead of pursuing a college degree. Thanks to her early training, Anna was able to garner an award at just 11 years old, making her one of the youngest actresses to win an Oscar.

Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding’s fans know just how much she loves to work out. Her workout routine includes pilates, boot camp, running, you name it! In an interview with Shape Magazine, she cleared that her working out is not to get skinny or slim. It is to be healthier, toned, firm, and strong. However, Ellie clarified that she is not against people wanting to look thin. It’s just that she is happy with how she is. Ellie continues to speak out on being criticized by body shamers in her photos.

Ellie grew up in Lyonshall together with her three siblings. Growing up, the singer learned to write songs and play guitar. While pursuing a degree in drama at the University of Kent, the singer discovered a love for electronic music. She later quit university and pursue her passion for music. Today, she is one of the prominent singers in the music industry.

Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn is an American Alpine Ski champion with several prestigious medals under her belt. Because of her impressive achievements, Lindsey always walks with confidence in front of the camera and the red carpet. She also told Health Magazine that her size and height is twice the size of a regular human. Throughout her career, Lindsey learned to accept that no one is the real definition of beauty. It is hard to be taller than anyone else, but she always embraces and loves her unique traits. Any size is beautiful, and there is always a reason you need to be confident in what you have.

Lindsey Vonn has many investments in life, from her net worth of $12 million. She began her career at a young age after being taught by her grandfather. From that point, her love for ski grew big until Lindsey became a gold medalist. Even though she encounters several struggles, she was still steadfast and eager to go through them.

Ariana Grande

When a commentator compared Ariana’s body to another slimmer frame, she immediately stopped believing that people should show off their bodies. People criticize other bodies so much, making it impossible for others to be confident. Loving yourself is sexy, and we must embrace who we are or what we have. On her Instagram, she posted the things that are not sexy, including body shaming, comparing, misogyny, and labeling.

Ariana Grande is a renowned songwriter, singer, and actress. She has installed home security in her houses using her net worth of $150 million. At the moment, the singer is among the highest-paid celebrities on earth. Grande has been singing ever since where she began going to voice studies to enhance her skills. She got to a point to stop studying in school to focus on her career more, and it paid off. Ariana Grande is just getting started, and we can’t wait to see her career gain higher ground.


When Zendaya saw that Modeliste Magazine altered her final photos, she didn’t waste a single second and immediately posted the original one. She was surprised when they manipulated her hips and torso. Zendaya was thankful that the magazine deleted the edited images and used the original ones.

If you didn’t already know, Zendaya is a prominent singer and actress who began as a backup dancer and child model. This amazing woman rose to fame for her role on Shake It Up, a Disney Channel sitcom. Her complete name is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, and her performance in Euphoria, an HBO drama series, won her a Primetime Emmy Award. She was the youngest winner of this award, and she continues to do the best of her dram skills in many supporting roles. Being in the industry, she could pay for her own living means, electricity, and living the best of her life while loving herself.

Kim Kardashian West

Kim is one of the women who frequently advocates loving your body. This advocacy of hers gained a more profound meaning when she got pregnant with her first child. As you know, every pregnancy is different, and each body goes through various changes to give birth. Kim is proud of her body, and she often posts natural photos with her beautiful baby bump.

Kim Kardashian became famous for being a personal assistant of Paris Hilton. Later on, she was able to carve her name together with her family. They have a reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashian, but Kim also ventured out to different industries, making investments in her beauty line, KKW Beauty. It’s not surprising, though, considering that she was already doing business before she even appeared on television. Kim grew up having a background of how a company works and applied it in her life today. Today, she has a $780 million net worth, making her haters tare in envy.

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is a prominent American author, TV personality, and fashion designer. Today, her net worth is $40 million, enough to put a home security system for her mansion. Lauren first rose to fame after joining the Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and the Hills’ spin-off series.

She is an excellent lifestyle guru who only promotes terms like healthy, toned, and fit when describing someone. For Lauren, body shaming terms like slim, thin, skinny are not allowed. Lauren believes that each body is different from the rest but equally beautiful, and there is no need to compare one body to another. We are created unique, and no body-shamers can bring her down. She also encourages others to love themselves, embrace who they are, and accept what is. There is no need to try and be someone else, according to Lauren. She is one empowered woman and a significant influence.

Jenni “JWOWW” Farley

Jenni “JWoww” Farley is an American TV personality who gained recognition in the reality TV show Jersey Shore. Aside from being a cast member of the show, JWoww was also notorious for receiving body-shaming comments, which made her hit the gym. According to JWoww, her goal of being in the gym is to make her body more muscular and toned. However, she did say to her fans that her photos of being a little curvier are just normal and that the goal is not to be ashamed of how you look. She is a new mother, and eating is a must for someone who recently gives birth.

Loving herself is the best thing she did, and we give her credit for that. Learning to love yourself is a challenging process, but in time, you will get there. As a prominent TV media personality, she continues to have an impact and influence on other people.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is one of the highest-paid actresses and best-selling artists in the industry today. With a net worth of $75 million, she made different investments for herself and her family. Selena started her career when she was young, and her career is nearly two decades now. Her name first rose to prominence when she starred in the Disney show Wizards of Waverly Place. Back then, her salary for each episode reached up to $30,000. After wrapping up her stint with the show, Selena continued to appear in several films until she made her own, July Moon Productions.

Selena is an outspoken person, and she always encourages women and men to be themselves. Like other celebrities, she also faced criticism about her body. She posted a set of bikini photos and shut haters down by saying that she is happy and loves her body. Her songs are always about accepting who you are and being beautiful no matter your body type and size.

Amber Riley

Amber Riley once recalled all of the body-shaming she faced as she started in the industry. In a 2012 interview for the MTV series “This Is How I Made It,” she detailed how tough it was for her, especially that the body-shaming thrown at her disguised itself as constructive criticism. Amber also recalls the times wherein the casting director would make remarks such as, “You need to lose some weight.” Amber Riley would then wonder why people and the industry could not accept her for who she was and how she looked. When it comes to losing weight for roles, she says that she’s never going to conform and hurt herself just to become a size two.

We surely credit Amber’s decision not to conform, as it certainly paid off a couple of years later. The young star has been able to release a good number of projects throughout the years. Riley released four singles in 2020 alone.

Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy always made it a point that people understood her stance on weight loss. There’s a never-ending pressure to lose weight, and one can compare it to a non-stop battle. Melissa McCarthy’s perspective on this topic is one that radiates body confidence and positivity. Melissa said in a Good Housekeeping interview back in 2012 that she wishes that she’d magically turn into a size six without giving up her weight a single thought. Melissa is certainly not in a hurry or desperate to conform to the industry’s standards of a perfect body. She attributes herself as already healthy, so she doesn’t beat herself about it.

Melissa has undoubtedly more things to worry about besides size and weight. She has a long list of films wherein she’ll both be acting and producing. Melissa even added her fashion line too. It certainly looks like Melissa will need a financial advisor more than she needs a workout trainer.


Mo’Nique is an actress that wants to challenge the norm and belief that being healthy means looking tiny. She argues that even full-figured, big people can be fit in their own way. In a 2009 interview for Jet magazine, Mo’Nique also said that not everybody couldn’t be a size 0 or 45; instead, it’s always better to be healthy in one’s own way. Her 2009 remarks certainly foretold her short future as she eventually won “Best Supporting Actress” in the 2009 Academy Awards. It turns out; you don’t need to be tiny, a size 0 or 45, to be an Academy-award winning actress, too.

Credit Mo’Nique for actively taking film projects. She certainly believes that she’s healthy, and her recent track record can back that belief up. Mo’Nique has been in a long number of films over the past decade and doesn’t look like she’s stopping any time soon. She even has a residency show called “Mo’Nique Does Vegas” at SLS Las Vegas.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson has been a household name in the pop and music industry back in the 2000s. When Jessica got asked about the pressure to stay fit, she replied with a stance against celebrities’ unrealistic expectations to trim a certain weight during pregnancy. In an interview with Extra, Jessica Simpson said that she knows that she’s bigger than she’s ever been. However, she wants to show off her bump! Jessica has also been open about her snacking habits during pregnancy. Her snack of choice? Buttered Pop-Tarts. We definitely need to give Jessica all the credit for introducing us to such a delightful snack.

Jessica eventually gained 100 pounds after giving birth. She has been open about her weight-gain just as she was open about her plans to cut weight and get fit. It definitely did not come two weeks post-partum as she could get back in shape in six months.

Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling has voiced her displeasure with condescending questions regarding confidence and weight. Mindy claims that a lot of people ask about her confidence and where she gets it from. For her, it comes off as an insult rather than a well-intended compliment. In a 2013 interview with Parade, Mindy describes herself as a woman who possesses all the marginalized human trappings. Mindy deserves credit for prioritizing the essential things over conforming to society’s idea of health and femininity.

Mindy Kaling definitely pushes through as she did for the entire decade. She has been able to appear in a long list of movies all throughout the 2010s. She’s even made the jump into acting, writing, and producing all at the same time as she did in the 2019 film “Late Night.” Mindy will undoubtedly have other things to worry about besides weight, given her busy schedule over the next few years.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra currently plays an FBI agent’s role in the hit thriller TV series “Quantico.” However, Priyanka Chopra isn’t entirely one to engage in an intense workout session to commit to the role. However, this doesn’t mean that she’s utterly reckless about eating and exercising. In fact, Priyanka certainly values health but not to the point that she’ll conform to society’s standards. Because of that, Priyanka deserves all the credit for being the embodiment of body confidence and positivity.

For Priyanka, body confidence is not just about being confident without doing anything. She exercises every once in a while but not to the point that she’ll exhaust herself. Diet and moderation are also vital for Priyanka and her hourglass figure. Her health and body stance must be effective as she’s had quite a successful acting career, may it be in India or the West. We don’t know about you, but we’re surely taking notes from this beauty.

Bar Rafaeli

Bar Rafaeli is one of the most sought after models today. However, unlike the usual stereotype, Bar is a model that doesn’t need a diet routine to have an hourglass figure fit for any modern-day model. You certainly won’t see Rafaeli engaging in any sophisticated and eccentric meal plan to stay fit. When it comes to a perfect body that doesn’t need a ton of maintenance, Bar struck out all the luck.

Besides modeling, Bar Rafaeli also has experience in films, television, and of course, fashion. Bar definitely deserves all the credit for not sticking with one niche. The Israeli model is even a savvy businesswoman! Bar Rafaeli continuously juggles her time around a modeling career, an acting career, and managing her stake and ownerships in several fashion companies. Given that Bar Rafaeli’s schedule is pretty occupied, we’re amazed at how great Bar Rafaeli’s body looks with no diet plan!

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is an American actress who doesn’t engage in any eccentric workout routine or diet. Stewart is more than confident in her body and likes her skinny frame as it is. She says that she doesn’t need to put on a ton of work into her body as she came from a family of naturally skinny people. In turn, you certainly won’t see Kristen Stewart gain weight all of a sudden. Indeed, she doesn’t mind being thin as she’s still able to land a few film roles now and then.

Kristen Stewart has been able to star in many films since her breakthrough in the iconic “Twilight” series. One would notice that her body has generally stayed the same over the years. It’s refreshing to know that she’s not on any diet or workout plan. In turn, she could fully enjoy the Hollywood life as it is. Kristen definitely deserves credit for not conforming to the industry’s pressure to look a specific type of way.

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek is one of those celebrities to have been known to have an hourglass figure. She’s starred in a good number of films, and one can notice that she’s always in great shape. When she got asked about how she maintains her body, her reply was, “I don’t.” Salma isn’t a fan of diet or exercise. She also claims that she’s been at the limit of chubbiness most of the time. However, this doesn’t mean that the award-winning actress does not treat her health as an investment.

She isn’t a fan of exercising, but she claims to have a trainer. One remarkable fact about Salma Hayek’s trainer is that he allows Salma to skip the gym. Diet also isn’t in Salma Hayek’s immediate vocabulary. The actress is a self-proclaimed foodie as she eats almost anything that she wants and craves. She’ll usually go with a high-fat diet and an occasional hearty avocado and chicken sandwich.

Amber Tamblyn

After Amber Tamblyn’s breakout role in “The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants” series, her agent advised that she needed to lose weight to achieve stardom. Amber certainly had other plans as she didn’t listen to the remarks. Her agent even went as far as comparing her into being “either Nicole Kidman or just some character actress.” Amber didn’t listen to the remarks and comments, but that doesn’t mean that her agent’s words didn’t hurt. She says that she’s heard those kinds of statements throughout her whole life. Indeed, her agent made her feel like she was inadequate, given that she’s had previous experiences of body-shaming.

Amber Tamblyn’s weight didn’t hold her back from having a successful acting career. Tamblyn has been in the industry since 1995. Amber even started to venture out into other pursuits like writing and producing. She deserves credit for pushing through and staying confident in her body.

Karlie Kloss

Who would have thought that a stunning and gorgeous model like Karlie Kloss will also experience body shaming? Apparently, Karlie is no stranger to receiving body criticism. She was once called too fat and too thin at the same time during a go-see. There was also a moment when Karlie gained a few pounds and curves due to her inevitable growth spurt, and she started losing clients. She was able to jump two sizes bigger in just a year, compromising her projects.

Karlie felt horrible about it, but instead of pushing herself to lose weight and submit to their requirements, she made sure to love her body and prioritize her health above all else. She also shared that she made sure to invest in herself as she knows that the modeling industry is only for a short time career. The model managed to get a degree in computer programming at New York University in 2015 and now leads the Kode with Klossy. She also encourages young women to pursue a career in computer programming.

Viola Davis

Even celebrities who look confident with themselves have a moment in their life that they struggled with the weight issue, such as Viola Davis. She may appear to be self-confident and self-assured, but there was a time she struggled with body image issues.Viola Davis is an African-American actress who became famous for her role in the film The Help in 2011. In this film, to her credits, she won Screen Actors Guild Awards and a nomination for Best Actress in Academy Awards.

Given her skillful acting, Viola earned Annalise Keating’s role, the lead character for How to Get Away with Murder. Seeing how Annalise should be, Viola thought she should lose weight to fit perfectly into the role. Later on, the actress realized that being confident and sexy doesn’t follow a flat tummy and a slim figure. She then stops referring to the stereotyped persona but instead, made her interpretation of the character that we can all agree to be effective.

Betty Gilpin

It was a surprise to everyone when betty Gilpin admitted to having body image issues growing up. How could a gorgeous woman think of such when she looks perfect!? Besides being born in a family with a father who is an actor, Betty grew up knowing that appearance matters. The moment she got into the studio to shoot, she experienced being picked on and got reminded that her body is something that she should be conscious about. She then became very particular with her body image, not knowing that it is becoming unhealthy.

If anyone asks, Betty Gilpin, known for her character in Nurse Jackie and Dr. Carrie Roman, everyone should be happy and feel blessed for having a beautiful body and face. However, that is not the case for Betty, as she always feels restricted since she is too concerned with her body. When she joined the cast of Glow in 2017, she felt liberated as she learned to love and appreciate herself the way it is and credits it to the whole production member and the cast for making her realize her real beauty. 

Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson is a veteran actress that we should all admire because of her excellent acting skills and her positive influence and advocacies. Emma Thompson earned so much praise for many of her works such as Love Actually, Nanny McPhee, Men in Black 3, and Beauty and the Beast. She won several accolades to her credits and being the two-time Academy Awards winner, Emma has become a prominent woman in the industry.

She also showed her prowess as a woman when she stepped in when she learned that her co-actress Hayley Atwell got told to lose weight for her role in Brideshead Revisited. Knowing that losing weight should be off the condition as Atwell is already in shape, she told the producers that she would walk away if they didn’t drop their requirements for Atwell. It’s not surprising, though, as Emma Thompson is known to be very vocal with her opinions and beliefs.

Alessandra Ambrosio

To be a part of Victoria’s Secret model roster is easily one of the biggest dreams a model could have. It spells glamour, beauty, and elegance. However, beneath all the glamour, these models are living with high expectations and pressure. Despite their seemingly perfect body, they are often the victims of body shaming. One of which is Alessandra Ambrosio, the famous and successful Victoria’s Secret angel who once got scrutinized for being too thin when she did a photoshoot with plus-size models. Ambrosio reacted to it and said that it is ridiculous that if she gained just a few pounds, she would be called fat, and if the model loses weight, she will be thought sickly.

Being a model, Ambrosio understood what it takes, including losing the baby weight fast. That is why when she got pregnant in 2010, she ran, did yoga, and Pilates to get back to shape immediately. Though to some its kind of sends a negative body image but for Ambrosio, it is all work. It paid off very well, though, as she now has a net worth of $70 million.

Iskra Lawrence

Another celebrity who does not give in to standardized beauty is Iskra Lawrence. Although she is known for being out and about her natural body curves, she is prone to attacks and shaming, but she has the most fun way of getting back on them. Lawrence rose to fame when she became the face of American Eagle. She modeled for the said brand along with others where their pictures were left untouched. Since then, she became a popular figure who promotes a positive body image.

She is known for posting photos of herself unfiltered, which led her to be body shamed. However, to her credit, she knows how to get back on them in 100 folds. When someone called her “fat cow,” she got her revenge by posting a picture of her in a swimsuit surrounded by her luxury items while eating chips. Indeed, she doesn’t let anyone get into her head and think about herself otherwise.

Kate Beckinsale

Even the super beautiful Kate Beckinsale was once told to lose weight. It was during the pre-filming of the movie Pearl Harbor in 2001 where Kate is to play a 1940 nurse. More to it, reports say that she was insulted a couple of times during the filming.

As the actress explained, she was told by Michael Bay, the director of the film, to lose weight to prepare for the role. However, she thought otherwise since women of that time are not all that slim but are more on a curvy side. During that time, Kate just gave birth and was said to have lost weight to a certain degree already. Kate detests the fact that women were body-shamed most of the time more than men. She thought that it was never right. Now, Kate exercise 6 times a week, not for a role or because somebody told her to do so but because she needs it for her mind and body. 

Lily Aldridge

Supermodel supports supermodel; that is the theme when Lily Aldridge showed her support to her co-Victoria’s Secret model, Gigi Hadid, expressing her slams her critics gushing about her sudden body changes back in 2018. Also known as the daughter of Laura Lyons, a former model, Lily Aldridge made her name in the modeling industry. Lily modeled for several high-end brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Coach and, JCrew throughout her career. Besides that, the model also posed in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2014 together with Chrissy Teigen.

Lily also made several business investments, such as her own perfume line, before her retirement. Although Lily does not usually get criticized for her body, she knows how to throw an excellent comeback to the body shamers. She praised Gigi and her body and made sure everyone knows that they eat burgers too! For all we know, Lily also has moments where she got ridiculed for her weight or appearance.  For that reason, she sure to send support to her friend. 

Amanda Seyfried

The Mean Girls star, Amanda Seyfried, had a taste of what it is like to have mean gestures thrown at her. Amanda, who reprised her role in Mamma Mia Here We Go Again, said she could have lost the project if she didn’t lose weight. The actress who just welcomed her baby months before the Mamma Mia sequel’s taping got forced to lose the baby weight to fit into the character.

Amanda admittedly was displeased with the fact that she has to remain thin to get jobs. She took it on Twitter when she tweets that she almost several roles because she was overweight. Apart from she prefers her curvier body, she also didn’t like the fact that it promotes unrealistic body image to the viewers. Being a body-positive advocate, Seyfried also promotes and encourages a realistic perception of the body.  For this, she calls out everyone to celebrate and love their curves. For this, she was given high regards and credits for being a good influence on many women.

Jason Segel

If you think that only women can get comments about their weight or get told to slim down, think twice. Hollywood execs actually told one actor that he is fat and will not look good with his on-screen partner. The How I Met Your Mother star, Jason Segel, is one of the male celebrities who didn’t escape receiving body-shaming comments. Jason is an incredibly tall and big actor, making showrunners force him to lose 35 pounds for his role in the film The Five-Year Engagement.

To make matters worse, the reason for his dropping off pounds is that the producers didn’t think that someone as beautiful as Emily Blunt will not settle to be with a man who is on the heavy side. Jason agreed to lose weight because he thought it was plausible. Jason credits his trainer and healthy choices of food on his evident weight loss in the said movie. Even though the trainer told him to stick to the diet, Jason cleverly sneaks on eating during the taping.

Hayley Atwell

We all know how beautiful and alluring Hayley Atwell is. So much so that even Captain America fell in love with her relentlessly. Hayley Atwell played the love interest of Captain America, Peggy Carter in Capt. America franchise. Although she looks alluring and perfect in every way, she did not escape being picked on and once asked to lose weight for her role in Brideshead Revisited.

According to the filmmaker’s perspective, it is not unusual in the entertainment industry to tell actors and actresses to lose weight or gain weight to prepare for a role. Hayley was one of the actresses who get to receive the same treatment. More to it is that she was insulted and called “fat pig.” Thankfully Emma Thompson stood up for her and helped her through it. Now, Hayley is well accounted for and given credit for having a body-positive image. Hopefully, situations like this will no longer occur in the influential world of Hollywood.

Monica Potter

Monica Potter is an actress well known for her role in the film Con Air and Patch Adams. She also starred in several tv series such as Boston Legal and Parenthood, where she became a household name. Despite Monica’s good physical appearance and acting skills, she admitted to have not cast on some projects because she was too fat. Receiving this kind of remark is degrading and insulting, but people told her it is part of the business.

Monica is just another star pushed to regain their pre-baby body even if she just gave birth. However, Monica didn’t let the cruel shaming act get on her nerves as she didn’t submit to the pressure. Anyway, she has business ventures that can help her go through. Monica, together with her family, runs a business of skincare and home décor products. It was featured in the show the Profit in 2017 as it helped them from the verge of bankruptcy.

Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho is the comedian, actress, fashion designer, and author that rose to fame due to her comedy sitcom in the 90s, All-American Girl. We all love her for her comic stints on stage, but fans most admired her for her activism and advocacy for LGBTQ rights and political point of view.

Cho, tough as she might be, was also a victim of body shaming. During the early days of All-American Girl, showrunners told her that she was too fat. Cho managed to lose 30 pounds in 2 weeks to fit the role, which later on caused damage to her kidneys. Cho said to have regretted it as she realized that she should not have doubted her appearance over others’ comments. Though Cho experienced several lows in her life, the actress managed to get back up and continue her work and advocacies. Through her work and perseverance, she has a net worth of $3 million to this date.

Chrissy Metz

Among stars who have been body-shamed, the singer and actress Chrissy Metz must be one of the many who has the most painful experience. It is because she started experiencing body-shaming from such a tender and young age. What’s more heartbreaking is that her abuser is one of her family members.

Chrissy has given credit to her manager for the change that transpired to her. She had learned to love her body and shoo negativity towards herself when her manager told her to sing in front of the mirror naked. Shocked at first, Chrissy then understood that it was merely saying that she should start seeing herself as the vessel of her soul and be comfortable with it. Now, Metz has come into terms with herself and felt confident in her skin. She was able to publish her autobiography, adding to her net worth of 47 million. Now, that’s one inspiring woman! 

America Ferrera

America Ferrera is one of the celebrities outspoken about her struggles in fitting in in the industry. She shared that before her big break in the show Ugly Betty, she struggled to find a role that she will fit in. According to her, it was not easy for her due to her ethnicity and her body built. Hollywood professionals also advised America to lose weight so that she will be able to land projects.

After trying and trying, America got tired of trying to be somebody she is not, and so she embraced her true self and loved the body that she is in. She also admits that embracing who she is and what she is still hard to a certain degree. She also expressed that it still didn’t give her the job she is seeking. However, it was a relief to hear that she could love herself and be more comfortable with who she is.

Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly is, undoubtedly, one of the beautiful faces of Hollywood. As an actress and a model, you would think she hasn’t been body-shamed, but her former manager put her in a plastic surgeon’s office for her first job so that she might get free liposuction in the process. Her manager told her it was what the actress needed, but Minka didn’t take any of the free procedures offered to her. She realized she was happy with her body and that she wasn’t pleased with the manager, so she stopped working with her.

She proved that she didn’t need to spend her investment money on plastic surgery as she eventually because one of Friday Night Lights stars among other successful engagements. She didn’t need to get rid of the excess fat because she already looks stunning as it is! Let this be a lesson to all the people who doubt themselves over petty comments about their looks. You are all beautiful as you are.

Kat Dennings

Actress Kat Dennings is known for her roles in Thor and 2 Broke Girls, but she is also one of the body-shaming victims. Though most people might think stars like her don’t get bashed like that because she already has a rocking bod, she also gets negative comments from time to time still. When Kat was just starting in the entertainment world, she had managers who wanted to spend some investment money on changing almost everything about her.

They tried to change how she looked and how she weighed, even though she was looking fine even then. Of course, she fell under the pressure of Hollywood, but it’s a good thing that she has overcome these expectations and decided to embrace herself wholeheartedly. She was just herself when she got cast in her most prominent roles. She was perfect for them, so there’s no reason she wouldn’t be ideal as she is.

Nia Vardalos

Greek actress Nia Vardalos didn’t get success the easy way. Throughout her career, people told her that Hollywood is no place for someone like her who was Greek and unattractive and overweight. Some even went to the degree of calling her “unappealing,” but she fought through all the criticism about her. Nia proved to everyone that she was an actress because she wanted to tell stories through her talent. She wowed everyone in her performances and managed to stay in the industry.

Though the actress doesn’t meet the usual beauty standard, Nia showed everyone that she shined just the same with her features and everything about her. She made her film, then, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which became a blockbuster hit. Vardalos lost a lot of weight over time, but this was because of her health issues. Nowadays, the actress tries to keep a healthier lifestyle to sustain her strength and well-being.


The View star Raven – Symone has been around entertaining ever since she was a child. From The Cosby Show to the Disney series That’s So Raven, she has been a staple on TV ever since she was just a tot. Though she is such a regular, she had to go through a lot when it came to her looks. Even as a kid, she was told on the Cosby Show set not to eat by adults because she was “getting fat.” It was one of the experiences that she recounted that led her to have issues about her body image.

She brought the insecurity up until adulthood, and the whole time her career was thriving. Soon she realized she should love herself more because she deserved it. If she kept giving credit where it is not due, she will just keep feeling sorry for herself because Raven would think she isn’t enough. We all think you’re beautiful, Raven! You inspire many girls out there.

Romola Garai

Brit Romola Garai got into the acting scene of Hollywood the hard way. Though she had already made a name for herself, she is often called someone who is too big for Tinsel Town. Even though she is only a size 6, she still gets body shamed every now and then. Ever since she started acting, she admits to have gone to great lengths to conform to the standard of beauty that is set by the media.

However, over time she chose to stay true to herself and maintain her real body figure. This was not a hindrance to her work, after all as she has already worked with big names in the industry like Helena Bonham Carter and Meryl Streep. On top of that achievement, she also has credits in the hit TV show The Hours.

Courtney Thorne-Smith

You would think that celebrities don’t get pressured by the standards set by Hollywood, but according to Courtney Thorne-Smith, she felt pretty insecure and urged to comply with the conventional standard of beauty. Though she was already beautiful when she started out, she was working with other beautiful and big names like Calista Flockhart and Heather Locklear so she felt like she had to double time on her weight.

Due to the pressure, she admitted to have engaged in diets that went to the extreme degree just so she could reach her ideal weight. She just wanted to feel accepted and beautiful too. Being so self-conscious, it took her a while to get out of being so skinny because she got a lot of praise for starving herself. She eventually got casted in big TV shows like Two and a Half Men and According to Jim, so she didn’t need to be so thin to be successful.

Lady Gaga

Born This Way singer Lady Gaga was the talk of the town when she released this anthem about self-acceptance and looking past stereotypes. It was one of the songs that catapulted her career into mega success. She was also chosen to perform at the Super Bowl LI halftime show. To her credit, she gave one of the best performances of a lifetime. However, haters still chose to not focus on her success but to criticize her body at the halftime show.

Instead of fighting back, though, Gaga went on social media and posted an inspiring message about being body-positive and proud of your own body because she was proud of hers. Giving reference to one of her hit songs A Million Reasons, she said that she could give her fans a million reasons why they shouldn’t listen to other people who were trying to bring them down.

Alicia Silverstone

This next celebrity hailing from the 1990s is Alicia Silverstone. Being one of the hottest stars of the decade did not stop her from getting hate about her body. You would think she would get a free pass but apparently even the most beautiful people get a ton of bullies too. When Silverstone was set to play Batgirl in Batman and Robin, she received a massive amount of body shaming.

A comment made an impact to the public when Entertainment Weekly called her “more Babe (the pig) than babe” in 1996. She also remembers one time when paparazzi followed her down the airport singing the words “fat girl” to the tune of the Batman theme song. A lot of hate was definitely thrown her way but she did a tremendous job and rightfully earned the credit that she got from the hit movie.

Ruby Rose

Orange is the New Black star Ruby Rose was not fat-shamed. She experienced the opposite. When she posted a photo of herself on social media, people immediately commented nastily about her body. They said that she was too skinny and some thought she was compromising her health already. One netizen even said she should get herself a burger because she looked like she hasn’t had any in ages.

To the comments, however, Rose responded a strong message that body shaming is worrisome because it reflects more on other people and hating on others is only a projection of what you have probably been through. She stood her ground and continued to live the life that she wanted to live. Of course, she already gave the trolls some food for thought. They might have to pick up on the electricity she just shocked them with in the comment.

Chloë Grace Moretz

Chloë Grace Moretz is one of the most popular actresses of this generation, but even with her porcelain skin and blonde hair, she still got body shamed and by none other than one of her co-stars. Chloe recounted a story in an interview with Variety from when she was 15, when an actor who played her leading man in a movie told her that if this were real, he would never date her because he found her too big for his liking. However, she also said in the 2017 interview that she had already forgiven the guy for what he said but that it really affected her self-esteem.

More recently, she had an issue when model Tess Holliday called out the animated movie she had a voice acting credit in, Red Shoes and The & Dwarfs. According to Holliday, the movie’s message implied that being fat was being ugly and Moretz quickly apologized with heartfelt tweets saying that she already let the producers know and that she still hoped people would give it a shot because it had a great story.

Sasha Pieterse

Pretty Little Liars star Sasha Pieterse got a lot of attention when she gained some weight. It wasn’t the good kind that you wanted, though. A lot of people made a big deal about it, and to this, she made a statement on social media. She posted a photo on her Instagram account that featured an “under construction” sign. With it she captioned the picture with a strong message saying that the weight gain might have been caused by a hormonal imbalance – a health issue.

She said that for those who were suffering from the same, it is important to really make an investment in your health and not too much in anesthetics because this is what really matters more. Other people’s opinions are not going to make it better for anyone, so it is best that we put them aside. She also said that being healthy involves not only proper diet and exercise but also makes sure you are surrounded by the right people who make you feel good about yourself. What a great message, Sasha!

Alicia Machado

Though 1996 Miss Universe Alicia Machado was once hailed as the most beautiful woman in the universe, she, too, had to endure some backlash. A lot of people called her fat, including a lot of big names. A prominent politician called her “Miss Piggy” publicly, and more people started jabbing at her too. To these, she answered on an interview with The Guardian. Alicia said that she was a strong and independent woman and that she knows that the outer appearance is only limited to what is seen on the outside.

Even if the beauty queen gets hate for her looks, she knows she is a good person deep inside— and that is what really matters most. With all the fortune and fame that she has amassed over the years, we’re pretty sure that her self-care is part of her investment planning scheme.

Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano is getting a lot of hate because she gained weight after having her second baby. While totally unfair to expect a woman to return back to her pre-baby weight right after birthing, a lot of people seem to really take jabs at her for putting on weight. To this, though, Milano said that she is giving herself 18 months to get her “happy weight”. She shared in an interview that a happy weight is where a girl feels happiest instead of setting a weight goal for herself.

She is a proud mom, and she knows that giving birth really contributed to her body’s situation. She fully embraces it, though, and has resolved to get her target happy weight instead. Being so realistic about it, the celebrity stunner doesn’t feel pressured to be back on track with her thin bod because things have really changed. We’re sure bright futures are ahead for her kids – ones that are far from needed student loans!

Lena Dunham

The Girls star Lena Dunham is so tired of all the magazines obsessing about her weight. She has said time and again that she doesn’t care about others’ opinions about her and her body. In fact, Lena feels that there are more important things to think about, like her health. The actress is actually diagnosed with endometriosis, so she is focusing on her healthy diet and exercise to make sure she stays healthy.

On top of that, we’re sure she is also covered with the best health insurance plan just in case anything might need some help. She continues doing it because she had to worry about her body. The celebrity took it as a sign to shut off the voices of those who don’t really matter in her life. People will always have something to say, but Lena knows that her body belongs to her, and she is the one who has to deal with it at the end of the day.

Billie Eilish

Though Billie Eilish is always in baggy clothes and big ensembles every time she rocks the red carpet or goes out in public, she made a statement in one of her shows when she took off her clothes and wore only a bra on stage. While this isn’t typically shocking in Hollywood, it really was something unexpected from the singer. Billie talked about how women feel pressured in Hollywood to look a certain way, and she wanted to stand against that.

The young musician also noted that people are made to feel bad if they just want to dress comfortably and not exactly fashionably. She spoke against being bashed if someone wants to show off some skin. On another note, the Bad Guy singer also frowns upon being judged for what size one wants to wear. The powerful message earned Billie a lot of fans from then on. With 5 Grammys to her name already, she surely has a lot of investments at bay.

Sarah Hyland

Sarah Jane Hyland is an actress and singer best known as Haley Dunphy in the ABC sitcom Modern Family. She received critical acclaim and numerous recognitions, including a Critics’ Choice Television Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a comedy series and Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a comedy series. Sarah was diagnosed with kidney dysplasia at a very young age and subsequently received a kidney transplant twice.

She was on regular anti-rejection medicines and steroids to ensure that her body does not reject her donated kidney, which causes her difficulty maintaining weight and putting on bed rest even while filming the series. The health problems naturally took a portion of her savings, but big thanks to her financial advisor, they smoothly got over the challenge. The young actress said that every woman has issues with her body, but it’s how women are, so one should love herself for who she is, as long as the person is healthy. Given how wise and body-positive Sarah is, no wonder that she has been an inspiration to many!

Amber Rose

You may remember her appearance in several fashion shows as a model, or even for a cameo in some of the popular music videos of different celebrities. Amber Levonchuck is widely known as Amber Rose— a model, television personality, and actress. She is a successful business owner that made her financial advisors busy for years. Not only is she leading an active career, though! Amber is also transparent and eager to talk about everything in her life, most especially how she treated her body with care.

In an interview, the celebrity talked about how incredibly open she is with her sexuality. Given that she has declared that her attraction to people goes beyond gender stereotypes, Amber has then spoken out that she’s bisexual. In a quote, the Orange Is The New Black star said, “I find beauty in everybody, whether they’re heavy-set, super-skinny if they’re white, black, Indian, Asian, Spanish. I can see the beauty in anybody.” It’s about time we had more open-minded celebrities in the industry.

Rebel Wilson

Who would forget the funniest cast of Pitch Perfect— the one and only Fat Amy?  Australian actress, comedian, writer, and producer Rebel Wilson portrays the character but is now known as “Fit Amy” as she surprised her fans with her total transformation. Back then, Wilson became a spokesperson for the weight loss and nutrition company, Jenny Craig, in Australia. The program is one of her investments as well.

In 2012, the actress said in an interview that she had lost more than 22 pounds since signing up for the program but asserted that Pitch Perfect‘s producers had refused to let her lose any more weight during filming, as her contract stated she must stay the same size. After the show, the Aussie’s determination in fitness has given everybody a reason to take bigger steps toward their goals in life as well. Wilson’s fans are inspired by how open she is to saying that even when she’s playing someone named Fat Amy, beauty is all about confidence and attitude.

Wentworth Miller

Wentworth Miller is a captivating and critically-acclaimed actor and screenwriter whose credits span both television and feature films. He recalled that before, breaking into the industry was a tough job for him. Miller worked temporarily at several production companies before ending up working for his former employee’s production office. It was not too long that he achieved his breakthrough and became part of the series Prison Break. The actor became the subject of a meme because of his weight gain. In turn, this made him write an open letter about his struggle fighting against the issue.

At the time, Miller experienced the lowest point of his adult life. He was looking for relief and comfort but instead found destruction everywhere. Eventually, his search led him to an increased food intake. Sad as it may seem, eating became the actor’s investment and the one thing he could look forward to. In the last part of Miller’s letter, he linked helpful websites that could help fight the same struggles he experienced. Through this now-viral post, Miller became an inspiration to many.

Lily James

Lily Chloe Ninette Thomson is more commonly known by her stage name, Lily James, because another actress in the Actors’ Equity Association already registered the name, Lily Thomson. In case you’re wondering, she chose the stage surname of James to honor the memory of her father. The star’s film breakthrough was when she got the titular role as Cinderella. While Lily was promoting the live-action adaptation of Disney’s Cinderella, she was body shamed by the public, who claimed that Lily is not a good role model due to how thin she seemed.

Still, the actress insisted that she eats well and has always been healthy. She even described her body like an hourglass since she has a tiny waist and big hips. For her, the shapely frame is also an investment. It cannot be denied, however, that the issue is upsetting and tedious for the blonde beauty. Lily told the press that women get pointed at for their bodies even if they are healthy and eating well, but that does not stop her from becoming her true self.

Kerry Washington

Kerry Marisa Washington is known for starring as a crisis management expert named Olivia Pope in the series Scandal that gained wide public recognition. Forbes named her the eighth highest-paid television actress and one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People in the World. Because of this, we are quite sure that she made investments for her future self. Even with the success that she has been experiencing, people still have things to say.

Kerry mentioned that there used to be specific standards and societal expectations of what beauty meant, especially in Hollywood. One has to achieve a certain kind of shape, nose, hair, and other prominent features— but she feels that the public has evolved and has become more supportive. In the age of technology and political correctness, more people are starting to accept that beauty does come in a lot of shapes and forms, and colors. At the end of the day, Kerry wants the world to know how to be confident in one’s personal little ways, and it is high time that we learn to embrace ourselves in our truest form.

Jason Momoa

With his artistic spirit and muscle-bound physicality, Jason Momoa is the leading man we need. His unique background explains a lot about his unpredictable mix of charm and contradictions. Momoa is a product of two different opposite worlds, from Iowa to Oahu. Unfortunately, an influx of body shaming is taking its toll on men’s mental health, and his opinion regarding the issue is essential, not only because he is an influential celebrity with a huge platform but also since people mocked him about his “dad bod.”

The Aquaman star, however, was not offended because the body he has now is a health investment— and there should definitely be no shame in loving one’s body. In fact, the negative comments from time to time do not stop him from posting more topless photos on his social media accounts. Momoa said that he has no time for body shamers, and if you ask us, we should follow his lead, too!

Alanna Masterson

The Walking Dead actress Alana Masterson made noise when she called out body shaming trolls, telling them not to have children in the future. The actress gave birth to her beautiful daughter, and as any other mothers out there know, the post-partum body could affect their self-esteem, so new mamas need to have all the support they can get. Masterson doesn’t show any signs of letting the negativity get her down, though.

Instead, she claps back, posting something about body shamers. The celebrity mom said that she hopes that people who shamed her know about kindness and acceptance. Masterson even explained how parenting should be done. In her callout, the star also expressed how proud she is of her child and how she changed her life. Her post quickly soared to over 100,000 likes and was filled with comments supporting the working mom. Masterson ended her post asking to be kind to each other because, for her, it is what we need in the world more than ever.

Hilaria Baldwin

The art of controlling an individual’s mind, body, and soul can be found in yoga. It helps in increasing flexibility, muscle strength, and body tone. This physical and mental activity is what American author, podcaster, and yoga instructor Hilaria Lynn Baldwin is doing. Baldwin was going seriously off the rails before she found a safe place in yoga, where she usually derives her sense of control. The famous wellness professional has shared so much of her life and spiritual journey on social media without ever thinking that her body was being mocked.

In an interview, she shared her sentiments, hoping that people will stop body shaming others, and even told the press to stop spreading negative statements because we would all be better off together when we lift one another instead of tearing each other down. Despite her ever-growing commitments and a busy schedule, Baldwin continued her exercises and fit them whenever she can.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Jacqueline Hathaway is the recipient of many awards, including a Primetime Emmy Award, an Academy Award, and a Golden Globe Award. It comes as no surprise, then, that she was one of the world’s highest-paid actresses in 2015. Her films have earned billions worldwide, and she was on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list in 2009. We can agree that her financial advisors must be busy counting her assets and earnings! Anna was relatively young when she had a breakthrough as the protagonist in her debut film, which was the Disney comedy The Princess Diaries. The star’s transition was fast when she did adult roles in some popular movies, following the teeny-bopper blockbuster.

Despite her successes in her field, she met people who tried to dim her spotlight through body shaming. Anne has previously spoken out about being fat-shamed, defiantly countering the negativity by saying that she is living her body and is happy with it. She even told the press that many people are taking up the opportunity to become more conscious and have since become more loving toward their bodies. We’re glad to know that the star has noticed this change, too!

Eva Mendez

Age is just a number, and that does not define your ability to be who you are and, most significantly, does not ruin your confidence.  Eva de la Caridad Méndez, more popularly known as Eva Mendez, is the latest celebrity to be targeted by haters— and possibly for the most eye-rolling reason. The actress and mother-of-two wasn’t going to let the sarcasm slide, though! The mocking started when she posted a photo on Instagram, where a troll commented that she was getting old.

In turn, Mendez replied that she is getting older without any hesitation but is grateful every day for aging fine. A lot of celebrities reacted and reposted her replies, which has since gained social media traction. It is truly a great way of saying that minding your own business is way better than ruining everyone’s mood. Her fans, of all people, know for sure that taking care of her body and beauty is an investment for Mendez— so let’s just be inspired and give her the peace she deserves.

Ginger Zee

“I am aware of my style, and I love it” is the idea of the television personality Ginger Renee Colonomos but is popularly known as Ginger Zee. In an episode of Good Morning America, Zee looked stunning in her form-fitting color block dress that showed off her growing baby bump. Not everyone loved the outfit, though, and one rude stranger decided to tweet about her dress choice. Instead of ignoring the comment, the celebrity decided that she’d reply to teach the commenter a lesson, hopefully.

She bravely told everyone that she sometimes feels responsible for reminding people that there’s a living thing at the other end of the keyboard, so she is happy to give the attention they need. Zee even hopes that it helps someone else in their path. She is kind, and that goes to show how she credited herself with that peaceful mind.

Jennifer Garner

A plus-sized body is not to be ashamed of, and let us normalize it nowadays. There are ways to describe a woman, and body shaming is not one of them. Jennifer Garner posted this wholesome video of her family farm, introducing her nearly 10 million followers to her cows when one troll commented then asked if she is pregnant. Without a second thought, she answered the comment with how she blames the pandemic for her gaining weight.

She is even very proud that she has three healthy kids, investments, and getting pregnant is not in her dictionary right now. Her fans love her sense of humor and her ability to clap back most nicely. Still, people need not comment, critique, or speculate on Jennifer’s or anyone’s body. We should always remember that we grow differently and that our body has different ways of adjusting to the food intake. Most significantly, let us love our differences because that makes us unique.

Olivia Wilde

Let us rate how much we love Olivia Wilde. This American actress and filmmaker takes unrealistic body standards to the task. Wilde’s followers applauded her for shutting down an advertisement even if that cost her a credit score that promotes unrealistic post-partum body standards. Some were also quick to identify that some new moms do look like the model picture. The multi-talented celebrity posted her thoughts regarding looking after giving birth and asked how she was supposed to be all stretch mark filled and flabby so people can accept having a child.

More often than not, thin and toned bodies are held up as the ideal, and Wilde speaks up for most women who may be shamed for not fitting into those unrealistic beauty standards. Let us stop shaming women’s bodies, period.  Let us only raise good points. We may all look different, but we have all been equally made by the same Creator— so why do we feel the need to one-up others?

Megan Hilty

“Why are some people very comfortable about giving their unsolicited opinions about anyone’s body?” This question hit differently on actress and singer Megan Kathleen Hilty. If you gained weight, people would fat-shame you; if you lost one, people would question your health. Is it possible that we mind our own business? Well, for Hilty, she is tired of hearing back-handed body compliment. Her chest and waist give her a Marilyn Monroe-like silhouette, which does not always translate if she is not wearing the right thing.

She always explains that she does not have a waist, so she thinks that people are trying to be friendly and are trying to compliment her.  Everybody is always saying that the camera does add a lot of weight and that she is tiny in person. It happens a lot, and she doesn’t take it personally anymore, but the only thing is she has to feel like I have a waist. Hilty has the confidence, and no one can take that away from her!

Antony Costa

Antony Costa is a British singer and actor who rose to fame as a member of the hit boy band Blue. They were widely regarded for their popular singles such as All Rise, If You Come Back, and Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word. Despite his popularity, however, Costa struggled with his weight. In an interview, he opened up about the fat-shaming experience he had in the industry. The crooner also pointed out how social media aggravates the effect of bullying on a person’s psychological wellbeing.

Since social media is saturated with countless images, people are easy to point out flaws and pick on people. Fortunately, Costa was able to overcome this trauma and has since lost weight ever since the lockdown started. Today, he has already lost a stone from his weight in a month while on a strict diet. We just hope that his fitness plan goes with reliable health insurance as well.

James Corden

The talented host of The Late Late Show with James Corden is no stranger to body shaming. Ever since he started in the industry, he is already known for his flab appearance. At first, it didn’t mind him much since it was one of his sources of comedy material; however, as years went on, he got frustrated with how Hollywood portrays larger celebrities. He called out the double standard against heavier actors, claiming that Hollywood doesn’t seem to believe that plus-sized people can “fall in love too.”

Recently, however, Corden seemed to have found a renewed commitment to improving his eating habits. In an interview, he said that he’s “fed up with being unhealthy.” In effect, one of his New Year’s resolutions for this year is to lose weight and be healthy. And this time, he seems to be deadly serious. We give him credit for admitting his mistakes, and we wish him the best in his fitness journey.

Ed Sheeran

The best-selling British singer Ed Sheeran shared in a 2014 interview that he was never happy with his body image. Sheeran attributed it to unhealthy eating habits such as eating too much fried food and drinking beer every day. He also doesn’t believe in pushing yourself too hard on workouts in the gym. The artist said that he prefers a strict diet plan comprised of healthy food and moderate drinking of alcohol. Sheeran also spoke against the discrimination of larger people in the music industry, saying there’s immense pressure for music artists to lose weight and appear fit.

Today, Ed Sheeran is now living a healthy lifestyle, although there’s one interesting fact about his diet plan. He claimed to have lost 35 pounds on what he called a “vodka diet.” Although we’re happy to see him lose weight, we still think that he should be careful with this drinking habit and would advise him to get insurance for a peaceful mind.

Matt McGorry

The Orange Is the New Black and How to Get Away with Murder star used to be a personal trainer and competitive bodybuilder, which actually made him more critical of his body. In an interview, Matt McGorry spoke about toxic masculinity and called for a stop to the stigma surrounding male body issues. He also spoke against the culture of suppressing men’s emotions because it is not considered manly.

The beloved actor claims this to be one of the reasons why there are so many abusive and angry men. He encourages men, and especially boys, not to be afraid to talk about their feelings. Today, he is one of the loudest advocates for radical body positivity. Matt is now leading a healthy lifestyle, and with his physical appearance, we’re glad that he made an investment in his health. We hope he’ll be able to keep it up.

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson is easily one of the most sought-after actors working today in Hollywood. Indeed, at one point in his career, he was even considered one of the hottest actors in Hollywood. Following the success of his recurring role in the Twilight film franchise, he became a heartthrob to many teenage fans. It’s also surprising to know that things weren’t always easy for him. Pattinson admitted in an interview that despite the admiration he has gained, he still feels insecure.

The actor revealed he suffers from body dysmorphia— an anxiety disorder that causes a person to have a distorted view of how they look. Sadly, he said that he never goes to the gym and he never wants to take his shirt off. We hope that Pattinson overcomes this disorder as many people support and love him just the way he is. Perhaps a viable health insurance and a visit to a reputable therapist would greatly help in unloading his mind.

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana was not exactly a child when she appeared in two episodes of Law & Order as Belinca. She later appeared in another role in Law & Order: SVU in 2004 as Gabrielle Vega, the daughter of a suspected criminal. Zoe’s career took off when she appeared several times in the Star Trek film series in 2000 and onwards. She was given credit for the character Nyota Uhura.

The actress behind Gamora is not one to be body shamed. She has repeatedly expressed that many had been a victim of body shaming and that it has to stop. People should be proud of themselves and not be “abusers of self.” Zoe also believes in the power of having people close to her that knows who she is and supports her, including the caregivers who allow her to shoot films. Her condemnation of the unrealistic expectations of new mothers by society was also the talk of the town at one point.

Robyn Lawley

Plus-sized model Robyn Lawley began when she was 15, but she felt that she was not ready yet at that time. At 16, the stunning beauty started modeling doing straight sizes but found it uncomfortable. She then contacted Bella Model Management and signed on to become a model when she was 18. The young model appeared first on the magazine Dolly back in 2006 and has since then modeled for other famous magazines like Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Marie Claire. She also became a successful food blogger and received a contract to publish her cookbook from Random House, which her lawyers reviewed and approved.

Robyn is heavily invested in modeling and also addressed many of its issues and trend, including the thigh gap trend, which she wrote about in 2013. She noted that a thigh-gap was not necessary and that she was extremely disturbed by how it became a trend during that time. To add, the model asserted that it was unhealthy and can be detrimental to one’s self-image. One could easily appreciate the degree of indignation she showed against that particular fad.

Nina Agdal

Denmark-born Nina Agdal first rose to prominence when she made an appearance in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue that also features Lily Aldridge and Christy Teigen in 2014. The lady was already 22 years old at that time. Prior to this, she had very little modeling experience, but she signed up for the Elite Model Look competition but failed to win. That did not deter her, though, and she moved to the US, where her career took off.

As a model, she considers herself pretty influential, and Nina had been angered by body shamers to the point that she spoke against them. In an Instagram post in 2018, she called out a recent cover shoot she participated in who made comments that she did not fit in the frame. The model strongly indicated that it was important for people to live their truth. Of course, investments in a healthy body is needed, but she said that people must be proud of who they are no matter their size.

Christie Brinkley

Model, actress, and entrepreneur Christine Brinkley first gained prominence as a model in 1979 when she appeared on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues. Following that, she spent a total of 25 years being the face of CoverGirl. The model has signed with various big brands and appeared on more than 500 magazine covers in the lifespan of her career. She was not just into modeling, though, as Christie also ventured into business, became a designer, writer, and activist. On another note, the talented celebrity married four times and was a constant visitor at the attorney’s office to settle separation.

Christine is also multi-awarded as a great model, but her child, Sailor, did not share the same level of confidence in her body that her mother had. In fact, Sailor had a condition called body dysmorphia. What Sailor probably did not know was that her mother also had instances of feeling insecure with her body. What Christine was thankful for, however, was the belief that the fashion industry has started to be accepting of bodies of different sizes.

Busy Philips

Dawson’s Creek actress Busy Philips led a life that was true to her name. She first appeared in the series Freaks and Greeks in 1999 and subsequently was seen in Dawson’s Creek, ER, and Love, Inc. She also made supporting role appearances in movies like White Chicks, The Smokers, and Made of Honor. Her last film was I Feel Pretty in 2018, where she played the role of Jane.

Busy has had a productive decade, and she is set to appear again in the upcoming series Girls5Eva. Her mettle was tested, however, when a man tried to body shame the actress. As a clap back, she schooled him well. In her response, Busy said that people should learn to stand up for themselves, giving themselves credit for things they could do, and not let trolls get under their skin. She shared that many had commented about her weight in her many years of acting and has one piece of advice for those who want to say something about bodyweight—don’t, unless the other person wanted to talk about it.

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