These Female Celebs Defy Hollywood’s Beauty Standard and Refuse To Lose Weight

Being a Hollywood star comes with a lot of pros and cons. Sure, you can be as famous as the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie, who rose to international stardom and were adored by the many. It is probably just one of the many benefits that come with it, but how about the cons?

Being a female celebrity star comes with unrealistic standards. You have to look perfect, from the look of your face to the shape of your body—not to mention the weight. Hollywood seems to set a near-impossible level of beauty, such as extreme dieting and rigorous workouts and exercises so that celebrities can maintain their figure, but not everyone falls for these.

Sure, they are willing to make huge investments in the way they look from head to toe, but not to the point that they put their health at risk. It is much easier to buy a beauty product and have a facial treatment or procedure to make your skin look healthier and radiant than consulting a doctor and buying meds or getting surgery. If there are celebrities who are willing to do this, there are also women who defy the Hollywood beauty standard, refusing to lose weight and embracing the bodies they have.

Ashley Graham

Social media will always be a place of jibes and banters no matter how famous you are – and that is the same case with Ashley Graham who received a negative comment on an Instagram post for being fat. The user said that they thought the actress was working out, and Graham fought back saying “Girls with cellulite and rolls can’t work out also?” In another post on Instagram, she was told by a user that she looks pregnant citing that it was a “baby bump”.  In return, she replied that it is just fat, shutting down another Instagram user who just body-shamed her because of her looks on that post.

According to her, she continuously receives jibes on her workout videos on Instagram. From the examples above, we should never try to comment on her Instagram posts when talking about her weight. Credits to her for being strong against these detractors.