This Is What Happens When Famous Folks Lose Their Cool

Celebrities are known for keeping their composure while out in public. You can catch them flaunting their desirable good looks around the red carpet or at interviews. Sometimes we forget that these people are humans just like us. They have their little slip-ups from time to time. These famous personalities can also look their goofiest when they are left unguarded. It’s pretty rare to catch them going way out of their element. Being under the limelight all the time can make you feel pressured to look prim and proper on the regular. These folks are used to being interviewed about their personal lives, including their diets, preferences, and dating lives, they often catch themselves in the funniest predicaments, regardless. One of the catches of being famous is being caught when you lose your composure. This can really make them feel like they have to step it up all the time. Their behaviors can be seen for the whole world to see. This is a roundup of celebrities who have embarrassed themselves to a famous degree!

Emma Stone Loses It After Receiving A Message From Mel B

Back in 2014, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were guests on n Australian radio show called 2DayFMSydney. Because Stone is a huge fan of the sensational group, the pair danced and sang along to Spice Girls’ hit record Stop. Initially, the actress felt disappointed when she found out her favorite Spice Girl couldn’t make it to the program to interview her, but then Stone was about to get the shock of her life because little did the actress know, Mel B was there to give her a surprise message.

The reaction of the Easy A actress was totally priceless. She got too excited ; she couldn’t stop talking about that moment. Stone completely lost her sophisticated self in the presence of the Mel B. That must be the most meaningful moment in her life. Mel B can be given credit for making the actress cry out of sheer joy and excitement.

Selena Gomez Meets Jennifer Aniston In A Bathroom

Actress and recording artist Selena Gomez couldn’t help but gush through the roofing about how she met Friends star, Jennifer Aniston. While Aniston became a guest host on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she introduced her new friend Selena Gomez to the audience. The former Disney starlet couldn’t help but feel giddy over sitting close to the legendary sitcom actress. Selena recounts their meeting at a bathroom during a party. She even remembered a tiny detail like Jennifer wearing a black dress.

Gomez admitted that her heart sank when she saw the Friends star and rushed out to tell her mom. During the talk show, she revealed that she watched Friends with her mother every Thursday and she even cried when watched the final episode. Their friendship is so pure, Jennifer can’t help but feel thankful and also gushed about how sweet Selena is for being such a big fan.

Chris Hemsworth Got Starstruck After Seeing Brad Pitt

During the premiere of the film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth was stunned when he spotted Brad Pitt. The two actors attended the star-studded Los Angeles premiere for the newest Quentin Tarantino movie at the TCL Chinese Theatre. Hemsworth was joined by wife Elsa Pataky, while Pitt was together with his co-stars for the film.

The Australian hunk’s greeting with the Hollywood legend was awkward. The Thor actor recounted that Pitt came in for a standard handshake while he went in for a hug. Hemsworth said, “He went to do a handshake and I went for the hug, he was fine with it.” He found it surprising that security allowed him to do so and that Pitt was fine with him getting too close. Hemsworth was thankful for the opportunity to meet Pitt since he found him to be wonderful and pleasant, just as he’d imagined and hoped.

Jennifer Lawrence Meets Damien Lewis

During the 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards, Jennifer Lawrence met Homeland actor Damian. Being a fan of the show, Lawrence became starstruck and in awe of both the character and the actor who played him. The American Hustle actress confessed that she had seen Homeland not only once but twice.

After Lewis has approached her, she immediately turns to the wall and grips it so she can hide. As she was still holding onto the wall, Jennifer turned and hollered over her shoulder to the actor, saying his program is her favorite show ever. The actor then came closer to soothe her and gave her a friendly cuddle to calm her down. She confessed that her encounter with Lewis was to appear cool, but she eventually panicked when she pinned herself to the wall. It looks like her emotional investments for both the series and the actor are world-renowned now.

Sophie Turner And Jonathan Van Ness Fangirl Around Each Other At The VMAs

Game of Thrones actress and Queer Eye star are adorable as they fangirl over each other during their first meeting while they were backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards. Turner quickly shrieked Jonathan’s name. Jonathan was in awe at how Turner even knew his name. He replied, saying he was happy with the ending in Turner’s show as he referred to her character Sansa Stark’s royal fate, which ended one of the most fierce and heartbreaking plots on the program.

Van Ness recounts how he was minding his own business while walking down a hallway when he spotted the actress looking straight at him while yelling out his full name. Van Ness then confessed that his first instinct was to turn around and run away. We can give credit to these two for being so adorable around each other. That must be the most meaningful moment to them.

Ariana Grande Met Her Longtime Hero Finally

Ariana Grande is known as a huge fangirl of actor and comedian Jim Carrey. She finally met her longtime idol, Jim Carrey, on the set of his TV show Kidding. In fact, when Ariana was a teenager she opened a fan account for him. What’s more, she even tattooed the words from Carrey’s most famous film The Truman Show on her shoulder.

Ariana was invited by Carrey to show up on his show Kidding for a small part. When they finally met each other, the 27-year-old diva was unable to contain her excitement. After their meeting, Ariana posted a photo they took together on her Instagram. It can be seen that Carrey gave Ariana a big hug. Ariana was so excited that she could not hide her smile. Under the photo she posted, she wrote: “I’ve been staring at my screen and no words do this moment justice. Thankful for the most special experience of my life.”

Camilla Cabello Bends The Knee To Emilia Clarke

Although Games of Thrones is over, It still occupies people’s mind. While being a guest for The Graham Norton Show, pop sensation Camila Cabello disclosed how she was starstruck to chance upon Games of Thrones star Emilia Clarke, the actress credited for Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO hit.When she approached Emilia, the singer suddenly blurted out “my queen” in front of Clarke.

She approached the actress confessing she was the biggest Game of Thrones fan on the whole planet and how she totally feels like freaking out to meet and greet her and the cast. The recording artist then said she never fangirled this hard in her entire life. She even confessed that she watched the whole series in a span of one month. To commemorate the lucky encounter, Cabello posted a photo of her and Clarke together as she struck a pose bending her knee.

Cardi B Idolizing Lady Gaga

During the Grammy Awards back in 2019, rapper Cardi B finally crossed paths with op icon Lady Gaga. Cardi B is known to be a huge fan of Lady Gaga so meeting her was truly a dream come true. The rapper shared how much Lady Gaga inspired her to embrace her true self and to be different as a teenager. Lady Gaga sent a sweet response through a tweet, telling the rapper that she loved her. Lady Gaga also responded to a video of Cardi performing the chart-topping hit Bad Romance at a talent show in high school.

The night of their first meeting, both musical artists bagged big awards. Cardi received the Best Rap Album Award for her efforts for Invasion of Privacy while Gaga won Best Song Written for Visual Media,  Best Pop Solo Performance, and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. These ladies are given credit for their works with a heart.

Selena Gomez Crashes Shia Labeaouf’s Dressing Room

A few years ago, Selena Gomez was told that she was informed by her handlers that she was about to meet a regular fan. Unknowingly, Gomez was led to Transformers leading man Shia LaBeouf’s dressing room instead. That was a big surprise to her. In shock, the actress quickly scurried away, but the actor came outside to check how she was doing. The actor even gave Gomez a hug.

Gomez was visibly embarrassed and began to blurt out how much she admires Shia. The actor then expressed his gratitude by saying how much he appreciates how sweet she is. The pair then adorably shared a sweet moment while taking a picture, and the actress began to run away once again. There must have been electricity between these two. When she found out she was alone, Selena immediately expressed her obvious excitement and joy.

Jutsin Bieber Canceled Concert After Water Spill

On Oct.29, 2015, Justin Bieber walked off the stage after performing just one song in Oslo, Norway. In fact, Justin supposed to perform five or six songs for the concert, which was an event for 950 people and was being filmed for the late night Norwegian talk show Senkveld on channel TV2. It all began when a fan spilled water on the stage. Apparently, the superstar was frustrated by what she had done.

He asked some young female fans, “ Yo listen to me, are you listening to me? OK I’m trying to wipe the floor, give me a second yo.” Then he totally lost his temper, declaring, “Guys, never mind, I’m done. I’m not doing the show. ” After this incident, Justin posted an explanation on his Instagram, writing, “Sadly it’s Been a rough week for me, long days no sleep, while having to be ‘on’ as they would say for cameras fans etc. ”

Ryan Gosling Breaking Character In SNL

Ryan Gosling couldn’t keep his composure together while he was performing a skit from Saturday Night Live called “Close Encounter” the skit called for Gosling to play an alien abductee who was summoned by a couple of government officials played by Bobby Moynihan and Aidy Bryant. His character had to disclose the details of his abduction beside two other abductees played by comediennes Cecily Strong and Kate McKinnon. In it, Gosling and Strong’s characters shared the same experiences of basking in beautiful warmth and light.

McKinnon’s character, on the other hand, took a different and funnier turn and demonstrated what happened to her on Cecily’s character, which made Gosling giggle all throughout the skit. The actor had the line, “Man, you got screwed.” However, he cannot say the sentence completely. Instead, he said in broken accents. Everybody should give McKinnon some credit for being so hilariously convincing!

Nicki Minaj Cried After Meeting Lauryn Hill

It is well known that Nicki Minaj is a huge fan of the legendary Lauryn Hill. On October 15, 2016, Nicki Minaj was invited to the Tidal charity concert and the first meeting of the 2 singers went down backstage after the concert. You can imagine how excited Nicki was when she finally met her longtime idol. Nicki Minaj posted a clip on her Instagram account to commemorate the fantastic moment.

It could be seen from the clip that Minaj fell to her knees and started crying upon meeting Hill. She expressed her love to the legendary singer, saying that “I’m in love with you. I’m in love with your spirit, your mind — everything about you.” During an interview, Nicki revealed that she was at a loss for words. Besides, Lauryn was in the room next to Nicki the whole time, which made her so nervous.

Sarah Paulson Sings Rihanna Songs For Rihanna Herself

Even award-winning actress Sarah Paulson can look like a fool in front of singing sensation Rihanna. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the actress recounted the countless times she embarrassed herself in front of her co-star Rihanna while their movie Ocean’s 8 was still in production. Paulson can’t help but break into some of Rihanna’s catchy tunes. We have to credit Paulson for being so relatable here. She said that It was a sort of daily struggle to not embarrass herself.

Who wouldn’t feel like a fool in front of Rihanna? It was hard enough for her since she had to meet her on set every day. Paulson admitted that her knees were weak every day on set. Paulson did ask for Rihanna’s opinion regarding her dancing and singing skills, Rihanna did commend her for getting some of the lyrics right, but the melodies she made tend to go a little off.

Sam Smith Fangirls Over Lizzo

You can count British Grammy winner Sam Smith as one of the many fans of rapper and singer Lizzo. The recording artists confessed that he met the Truth Hurts singer and professed his admiration for her on social media. In an Instagram post, Smith expressed how happy he was to meet Lizzo. Sam gave credit to the night they met for making him feel so high on life.

The Stay With Me crooner described her performance as out of this world. He tweeted, “Her show was out of this world! Made me feel so high on life! She is the one.” Sam also shared an Instagram post with Lizzo. In Sam’s post, it is apparent that he is in full support of Lizzo’s career, claiming that she can “take over the world” with her talent and power. Lizzo really made Sam feel like music royalty by adorably hugging it out in the post.

Florence Pugh And Scarlett Johansson Bump Into Each Other At The Oscars

During a red carpet engagement for the 2020 Academy Awards, Little Women actress Florence Pugh bumped into her Black Widow co-star Scarlett Johansson. The two were obviously ecstatic to see each other at the glamorous event. Their energy was like an electricity spark as they held hands and burst into wonderful excitement. The younger actress held Scarlett’s hands with both her mouth and eyes wide open. Pugh gave Johansson an exciting hug.

It is apparent that the two are very supportive of each other’s success as they both channel the exact energy every woman on this planet needs. Let us give credit to these two famous actresses for being so adorable around each other. We are here to lift each other up, after all. Luckily, the sweet moment was captured on camera, and their smiles can indeed be seen through the lens.

Jennifer Lawrence Gushes About How She Met Bill Murray

Actress Jennifer Lawrence has always been very open about how much she adores seasoned actor Bill Murray. Jennifer was obviously excited when Murray appeared at the San Diego Comic-Con back in 2015. The actress snapped a photo together with him. These fantastic moments may happen frequently, but rarely are they so perfectly captured. Her face just beamed with excitement and joy.

The actress confessed that she has been aiming to work with Murray for a very long time. She even confessed that she had been exchanging emails with actor Woody Harrelson to reach Bill. She also revealed that the actor acknowledged the message and even wanted to speak to her. An acting credit with Murray would definitely be a dream come true for the actress. The actress also gushed about how excited she is to work on projects with the actor. Bill Murray can be given credit for making the actress achieve her dream.

Anne Hathaway’s Interview With Jerry Penacoli

During the promotion of The Dark Knight Rises, Anne Hathaway, who played Catwoman in the film, was interviewed by Jerry Penacoli. The interviewer probed her about the kind of activities she had to go through to prepare for the starring role. Penacoli did not hesitate to ask the actress about her costumes and eating habits, even though Anne kept trying to change the subject.

To take matters into her own hands, Hathaway decided to turn the conversation to Penacoli, asking him if he wanted to lose weight, even adding if he wanted to slip into a catsuit. This tactic worked since the interviewer was eventually able to stop talking. The actress was obviously not too pleased with the conversation since it was more about her physique than her amazing acting credit. Guess There is no one can control his temple after being asked so many silly questions.

When Niall Horan Freaked Out While Playing Tattoo Roulette On TV

Niall Horan is known to be the only One Direction member who doesn’t have any tattoos. Niall revealed that he is quite afraid of the tattoo needle. One night, he became a guest at Late Night with James Corden, where the two played a game of tattoo roulette. The game’s objective was having either one of the band members get inked in front of a live studio audience.

The talk show host shared how Niall’s hands were shaking during the game. Five boxes were placed before the boy band; four contained the word “safe,” and one was labeled as “tattoo.” Whoever took the box with “tattoo” on it had to get a tattoo on the spot. If a band member got one, the tattoo would be “Late Late,” and if Corden grabbed it, his ink would read “1D.” It takes gutsy investments to stand by the game’s rules.

Jimmy Fallon Freaking Out After Nicole Kidman Told Him He Lost A Chance To Date Her

Actress Nicole Kidman became a guest at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Nicole shared that Jimmy was actually unaware that his friends set him up with a blind date with her back when Fallon was still single. Nicole then went on to tell Jimmy that she recalled she liked him before and was willing to stop by his apartment after his friends told her to do so. At that time, Fallon thought it was just a plain old business meeting. He didn’t put it in his hearts.

They can give credit to a mutual friend for telling Nicole that Jimmy liked her too, enough to set up the supposed cute meeting. During the interview, the actress then recounts how Jimmy was so unprepared when she came over. She disclosed that Jimmy was only wearing a baseball cap and wouldn’t even talk.

Diane Keaton Revealed She Was A Belieber

During Ellen DeGeneres’ Bieber Week, Diane Keaton was set to be interviewed at the show. The majority of her interview with Ellen was about how much she adores pop sensation, Justin Bieber. She discussed details about how she joined the fandom and how she swoons over the recording artist’s photos. The expressions on her faces are good indications of her excitement.

The talk went from zero to one hundred real quick when Justin Bieber suddenly popped out from backstage to surprise the actress. The singer wrapped his hands around her, to Diane’s surprise. The look on her face and her body language showed how startled she was in the best way possible. The veteran actress was completely taken aback to a certain degree by the whole thing. At that moment, her dream as a fan girl came true. The encounter was both charmingly endearing and incredible at the same time.

Emma Stone Dances As A Ghost

Emma Stone starred in a music video for Arcade Fire. Her character is a ghost who enjoys dancing around the famous ocean liner, the Queen Mary. The video consisted of groovy dance scenes. Ryan Heffington is given credit for choreographing the sequences featured in the music video. He is also famous for coming up with Sia’s Chandelier dance.

In Arcade Fire’s music video for Anna, Emma’s ghost character makes a number of silly faces, eats money, and plays the air piano while flashing a smile. She continues dancing for the whole four minutes of the song. It seems like she just can’t stop from dancing. As she dances, she even licks sailors around the ship. Stone’s character is inspired by a Hollywood ghost story, known to many as the Lady in White. It is said that when she wants to show off her dancing, she will visit the hotel lobby frequently.

Quentin Tarantino’s Interview With Krishnan Guru-Murthy

Director Quentin Tarantino is known for his inclination for violence. After all, it is apparent in the films he makes. With the number of interviews he has been on over the years, it’s a no brainer that he might be tired of being asked about it. In 2012, the director was interviewed by British journalist Krishnan Guru-Murthy of Channel 4 while promoting his film Django Unchained.

The interviewer kept bringing up the repetitive question of Tarantino’s opinions about the violence in the movies he makes, explaining that people might go violent in real life. This is where Tarantino’s irritability showed. Tarantino even responded that he is not a monkey and Guru-Murthy can’t make him dance to his tune. The interview wasn’t so smooth, to begin with, and the British interviewer seemed to really push the American director’s buttons, bringing the interview to a different degree of annoyance.

Axl Rose’s Getting Too Close With A Fan

Axl Rose is known for bringing electricity on stage. Back in 1991, he placed all his energy on a fan who was capturing a video during an event in St. Louis at the Riverport Amphitheatre. When the rocker caught a glimpse of the suspect, he immediately stopped and requested for security to have the video recorder removed from the vicinity. After security had successfully confiscated the unwanted video recorder out of place, the musician started publicly announcing how “lame” the security for the event was.

Rose then hops into the crowd and then confronts the member of the audience. Things got a little too rock n’ roll to handle, so the crew members who were present that day had to pull him back. Almost 60 people injured because of this mess. Besides, Rose was accused of one count of property damage and four counts of misdemeanor assault.

Jerry Seinfelds Interview With Larry King

Jerry Seinfeld once interviewed by 87-year-old talk show host Larry King. This interview sparked controversy on social media at that time. Before this, Jerry Seinfeld had decided to end his eponymous sitcom “Seinfeld”. During the interview, Jerry got angry with the host when he mentioned the sitcom. The questions King asked are not really improper including the length of the series.

However, when King asked if Seinfeld had left the series or if he had given it up, Seinfeld totally lost his temper. Seinfeld began to question that King was not well prepared for the interview. He even questioned the intelligence of the host. Seinfeld stressed, “Is this still CNN? I was the number one show on television, Larry! Do you know who I am? 75 million viewers! Last episode! It’s a big difference, between being canceled and being Number One! Jeez!”

Tom Hardy Fired Back At Interviewer Over Sexuality Question

43-year-old Hollywood star Tom Hardy we should not unfamiliar. His brilliance renders many films indubitable classics, including Venom, Mad Max: Fury Road and The Revenant. During a Toronto film festival press conference, Tom hardy, who played Ronald Kray and Reginald Kray in the film Legend, got visibly angry. In the film Legend, Tom played bisexual twin brothers who impress the people. However, the reporter asked him about his sexuality directly during the interview, which made Hardy completely lost his cool.

Over the years, Hardy had been clear that he is heterosexual in the media many times. It was obvious that this question was disrespect not only to Tom Hardy but also to the film. Hardy considered the way in which the question was posted violated his privacy, saying that, “I’m also confident in my own being and talking about any issue you want to talk about it. But there is a time and a place for that.”

Scarlett Johansson’s interview with Jerry Penacoli

Scarlette Johansson, 36-year-old actress, is best known for her role as black widow in The Avengers. Her beautiful face and outstanding special alike the acting conquered the people. During the promotion of The Avengers, Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner, who played black widow and Clint Barton respectively in the film, were interviewed by Jerry Penacoli. During the interview, Jerry asked Scarlett whether or not she wore underwear under her pretty tight Black Widow costume.

Definitely there is no woman who can keep calm when she is asked this kind of question. Scarlett was no exception. She refused to answer this question and tried to turn the interview to other subjects. She answered, “You’re like the fifth person who’s asked me this. What is going on? Since when did people start asking each other in interviews about their underwear?” However, Jerry wasn’t buying it. Jerry was so stubborn that he asked her again and again.

Someone tried to steal Travis Scott’s shoe at his concert while he crowdsurfs

It’s important for singers to interact with the audience. It is the most direct way that can increase audience participation. Travis Scott, a 28-year-old rapper, is good at setting stage on fire. While Travis performed onstage in Switzerland, he went crowd surfing as usual. However, things got out of hand. Someone tried to steal Travis Scott’s shoe. There is no way to figure out why he thought he could steal successfully, but it’s obvious he didn’t get away with it.

Travis was outraged, spitting on the offending fan and screamed repeatedly. Besides, he encouraged the crowd to beat up the fan who tried to steal his shoe. Luckily, security handled promptly, or a serious consequence would result. The fan was escorted out of the concert, along with thousands of people booing him out.

Gigi Hadid gets attacked by a prankster

When supermodel Gigi Hadid left the Max Mara show in Milan along with her sister, and model-Bella, she was startled by the sudden approach of a stranger. The man tried to grab her from behind and pick her up. Gigi was outraged that she hit his face vigorously with her elbow and yelled at him angrily. Naturally, they didn’t let him get away with this. Gigi then ran after the man down the street.

After going in her car safely, she also asked a member of her security to go after him. After experiencing this malicious attack, Gigi posted a passage on her Twitter, saying that, “I am a human being and I had every right to defend myself. How dare that idiot think he has the right to man-handle a complete stranger. He ran quick tho.”

Britney Spears Attacked A Photographer’s Car With Umbrella

More than a decade ago, Britney Spears shaved her head after escaping rehab. The X17 photo agency’s paparazzi surrounded her car in which Britney’s second cousin sat with her. They kept taking photos one by one without manners. Britney’s eyes were momentarily blinded by flashbulbs. Among all the members of paparazzi, Britney noticed a videographer named Daniel Ramos.

“Are you doing OK?” Ramos asked Britney. “I’m concerned about you.” Britney ignored his question. She ran out of the car angrily, swinging her umbrella to attack the photographer’s car. “It was a bad moment in her life,” Ramos said in an interview. “Unfortunately, it was captured.” After that, Daniel Ramos decided to put the umbrella for auction. He had donated half of the proceeds to a charity of the pop star’s choice.

Tyga Was Removed At Floyd Mayweather’s Birthday Party

On 2019 Feb 23, Tyga was seen pulling out from Floyd Mayweather’s 42nd birthday party in LA by security. It was learned that Tyga was not to blame for this situation.  According to the witness, the man Tyga had a quarrel with had drunk a lot before Tyga arrived. What’s more, the man rushed to the red carpet, looking inebriated, yelling things. The man picked on Tyga first while someone threw alcohol and glasses were knocked over.

When Tyga was dragged out of the door, all the media witnessed it. The witness said, “It was just a random guy who was a complete jerk and ruined Tyga’s night trying to act tough. Tyga was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and it escalated from there.” Surprised, Floyd knew what was going on even after the party was over.

Lele Pons’s Reaction To Shakira’s Surprise Is So Funny

What a wonderful thing it is to be noticed by favourite idol. Lele Pons who began her career on the six-second video platform Vine had experienced this fantastic moment. Lele Pons is known as Shakira’s huge fan. Her dream as a fangirl finally came true when she received a special message from her longtime idol Shakira on Instagram. Just like other Lele’s videos, it was quite funny.

“Hey Lele, it’s Shakira,” the Colombian singer said to Lele in a video. “Congrats on your day! Un besito.” You can imagine how excited Lele was. She lost her mind and screamed “Oh my god!” In fact, this was not the first time Lele fangirls over Shakira. She had met Shakira after her concert. When she hugged the excellent female singers, she burst into tears. This might be the most meaningful moment for Lele Pons.

Chris Hughes Got Into A Fight

The 27-year-old Love Island star, Chris Hughes, was seen fighting with paparazzi near the O2 Arena where the awards were held on Tuesday night. It can be seen that Hughes throw bags before attacking the photographer. Finally, in sheer exasperation, he burst out, “You don’t know me. Tell me. You have no right. You don’t know me. You don’t know me.” He went on: “I’m a nice guy from the Cotswolds. I’m a nice guy. So why are you calling me that? It’s not fair. I’m no different to this man! I’m no different to these girls! So why am I that guy?”

Later, Chris had apologized for his rude behavior. He posted an Instagram story claimed that he was quite regretful for his behavior. He wrote that, “This night was about Jesy’s win and I am sorry if I distracted anyone from this.”

Lamer Odom Lashed Out At Photographers

As we all know, NBA star Lamer Odom was Khloe Kardashian’s husband. Because of Kardashian’s strong recognition, Lamer Odom gradually became the centre of attention. However, It seemed that the 41-year-old celebrity was fed up with the attention. It leaded him to attacked a photographer and tried to destroy his equipment. He approached to the photographer’s car and threw temper tantrums.

What’s more, Odom threw all of his equipment out onto the road. In fact, he did that for some reasons. The photographer had asked him about claims he cheated on Khloe Kardashian repeatedly. Despite anger, he remained calm, saying: “I would never cheat on my wife, that’s why I wear my wedding ring.” After questioning so many times, he asked the photographer’s name and then said: “‘I’m gonna step out the car and I’m gonna talk to you.”

J Balvin Collaborated With Beyoncé for “Mi Gente” at Coachella

It is well known that Coachella is one of the largest, most famous, and most profitable music festivals in the United States and the world. As a diva in American pop music, Beyoncé was a regular attender at Coachella. On 2018 April 21, Beyoncé displayed an amazing stage which was quite different from her past performances. In 2017, the music diva collaborated with J Balvin to cover the Colombian reggaeton star’s smash single, “Mi Gente”.

At 2018 Coachella, the two singers rearranged the well-known song. Beyoncé’s massive band provided the bass infusion, which made the singer much unforgettable. Not everybody with excellent singing skills can really keep calm when he sings a song with Beyoncé. After the performance, J Balvin posted a photo they took together on his Instagram, writing “Never stop dreaming!”

Tiffany Haddish Burst Into Tears When Oprah Surprised Her

If you are a loyal audience of The Ellen Show, you won’t be surprised at the fact that most of the celebrities who attend the TV program are easily startled. Tiffany Haddish couldn’t escape the attack as well. Tiffany Haddish is known as a huge fangirl of TV host and actress Oprah Winfrey. She finally met her longtime idol on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. However, the way they met each other was amazing.

Before that, Haddish showed her love to Oprah without restraint. She told Ellen DeGeneres that she wanted to open up a booth at a farmers’ market with her called Tiff and O’s Vegetables. At that moment, Oprah suddenly appeared. Haddish totally lost her mind. She could hardly contain her feelings. “When I woke up today, I just knew it was going to be magical,” Haddish said to Oprah. Her dream as a fangirl came true at that meaningful moment.

Gina Rodriguez PHOTOBOMBED BY Meryl Streep

Even though it was a great pity that Meryl Streep didn’t take home a trophy at the SAG Awards, that in no way detracted from the value of the legendary actress. It seemed that the mood of the actress was not affected by that as well. As she chatted with Ryan Gosling, she even reached over to fix his bow tie. When Streep walked down the red carpet, she happened to meet Rodriguez, who was posing for photographers. Streep had a sudden inspiration at that moment. She made a silly face behind the unaware actress, which made Gina Rodriguez totally lose her mind.

After the ceremony, Rodriguez posted a photo on her Instagram, saying that “This was about 3 seconds before I lost my shit. Meryl, thanks for the photobomb. My shit is now officially lost.” That 3 seconds might be the most unforgettable memory for Gina Rodriguez.

J Balvin Finally Met His Biggest Inspiration At The Super Bowl

As a 35-year-old Colombian Rapper, J Balvin’s performance at the Super Bowl is probably one of the most significant milestones in his career. J Balvin not only performed with Jennifer Lopez but also met his inspiration, Jay-Z. J Balvin is known as a huge fan of Jay-Z. After their first meeting, J Balvin shared a video on his Instagram to express his excitement and touch.

He wrote, “After attending one of the most important events of my career, the Super Bowl, in an unexpected way I meet Shawn Corey Carter, better known as Jay-Z, one of my greatest inspirations when I was starting out with my dream of becoming an artist.” It could be seen from the clip that J Balvin was in a state of great excitement when he was greeted by his longtime idol. This might be the most unforgettable moment in his life.

Camila Cabello Collaborated With Her Longtime Idol Together

It is not a secret that Camila Cabello is a huge fan of the Spanish singer, Alejandro Sanz. At Los 40 Music Awards, Cabello’s amazing fangirl moment impressed the public a lot. The girl gave shoutouts to Alejandro Sanz in the crowd, which made the crowd get so excited under the influence of the atmosphere. On April 5,2019, Sanz dropped his new album that includes a collaboration with Camila Cabello.

Cabello never thought that she would have a chance to collaborate with her longtime idol. You can imagine how excited she was when she heard the news. During an interview, Cabello revealed that Alejandro called her and asked her if she could travel to Miami to record a song together for his new album. This proposal made the fangirl freak out. Without any hesitation, she took the first flight to Miami!

Cardi B Had A Total Fangirl Moment While Meeting Jennifer Lopez

It is well known that the two famous musical acts, Cardi B and Jennifer Lopez, are friends in real life. They not only collaborated on music but also co-starred in a movie together. They played strippers Ramona and Diamond respectively in the Hustlers movie that made they feel closer to each other. However, what few may know is that Cardi B was a huge fan of Jennifer Lopez before she became a queen rapper.

During an interview, Cardi B revealed that she couldn’t restrain her excitement after introducing herself to Jennifer Lopez. She described that she just kept acting like a weirdo, but she thought Lopez could understand. “You know, it’s funny, I followed Cardi on Instagram for like four years now,” J Lo said in a 2018 interview. “She would speak in a way that would make sense to me. She had a tremendous insight about life, people, and the way they acted and what they did.”

Emilia Clarke With Matt Leblanc At The Graham Norton Show

Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke’s blush was so apparent while being a guest at The Graham Norton Show while meeting her ultimate celebrity crush, Friends star Matt LeBlanc. The actress is a huge fan of Friends. She was in full fangirl mode while sharing the same couch with LeBlanc. Clarke even requested LeBlanc to say his famous signature line on the show while playing his character Joey Tribianni. Naturally, the actor had to ask Clark how she was doing.

During the show, Graham asked Clarke if she got the chance to strike a conversation with Leblanc backstage. After hearing the question, Clarke’s huge crush on him became pretty obvious as she erupted in so many giggles. As a fangirl, her dream completely came true at that moment. After the show, the two took a selfie together to remind them of the electricity they had together.

Jennifer Garner Receives A Surprise Call From Julie Andrews

Famous journalist Katie Couric arranged for Hollywood legend Julie Andrews to surprise actress Jennifer Garner with a phone call. The 13 Going on 30 star gushed about the moment when she posted a collage of her on a phone call with The Sound of Music actress. In her post’s caption, she gave credit to Katie for the wonderful surprise

In the post, it was really obvious that Garner couldn’t contain her excitement. The actress can be seen kicking up her leg while covering her beautiful face with her hand to hide how much she was gushing. Even as someone famous, Jennifer Garner can get starstruck after getting a phone call from an A-lister like Julie Andrews. Garner is known to be a huge fan of The Princess Diaries so receiving this call was truly a dream come true. Julie Andrews can be given credit for making the actress achieve her dream.

Sophie Turner Admiring Ryan Gosling From Afar

Game of Thrones actor technically didn’t meet actor Ryan Gosling, but she was able to take a good selfie with him from afar. The gorgeous actress snapped a photo of herself with the dazzling hunk in the background. She even captioned the photo: “Sorry, boys. I’m off the market.” Her playful selfie was taken at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

In her photo, the actress appeared surprised and shocked to be a few feet away from the Big Short actor. Her adorable fangirl moment is completely relatable. Her adorable expressions on her face showed how excited she was. We can credit her for bringing Gosling’s appeal to the public. At that time, Sophie was the star of one of the most massive TV shows out there and was already part of the X-Men franchise. A teenage superstar like her back then couldn’t possibly contain her apparent admiration for the brooding Hollywood actor.

Margot Robbie Photobombed By Timothee Chalamet

Call Me By Your Name star Timothée Hal Chalamet attempted to photobombs Once Upon in Hollywood actress Margot Robbie during the recent Oscars red carpet. The adorable moment was incredibly pure. Chalamet had an amazing acting credit in Little Women, which was directed by Greta Gerwig. The two crossed paths at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California. The actor was spotted posing for the cameras while on the red carpet. He then walked a few more steps and stood beside the Birds of Prey actress.

The stunning Margot immediately noticed Chalamet and gave him a smile while resting her hands on his cheeks. How cute they were! She then shoved the actor aside jokingly for her to continue posing for the photographers at the event. Luckily, the adorable moment was captured on camera, and their smiles can indeed be seen through the lens.

Hilary Duff As A Guest In Miley Cyrus’ Instagram Live Program

Former Disney Channel actress Miley Cyrus met her idol, Hilary Duff, at a virtual meetup for Cyrus’ Instagram live program Bright Minded: Live With Miley. The pop star came up with the show as a way to keep fans entertained while in quarantine. In the series, Cyrus had celebrity guests to appear, including Dua Lipa, Ellen DeGeneres, and Reese Witherspoon. One of the most talked-about episodes is the ones with former Disney Channel stars as guests.

Miley had a reunion with old pals like Emily Osment and Demi Lovato. In the talk show, Cyrus revealed that Hilary Duff was her idol since her Lizzie McGuire days. She went ahead and told Duff about how much she inspired her fashion choices when she was younger. Naturally,  Cyrus freaked out when she got the chance to talk to her idol. Miley can credit Hilary for allowing her to channel Hannah Montana while starting out.

Millie Bobby Brown Is A Huge KUWTK Fan

Stranger Things actress has always been outspoken about her love for the Kardashian brood. During an interview at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Millie shared how obsessed she was with Keeping Up With the Kardashians and their “special language” in the show. When the famous family saw the adorable interview, Kris Jenner immediately sent a tweet saying that the feeling is mutual between them and the young actress. Kardashian stated that they’re huge fans of her too.

When Brown finally met Kim in person, she made an appearance in the reality TV star’s Snapchat. Her investments as a fan sure paid off! During the interview, the British actress confessed her unyielding love for the Hollywood family. She explained how entertaining they are and even demonstrated their famous catchphrases like “Bible” and “Okurrr” complete with the “R” rolling and with the signature finger point. Brown’s fangirl moments are as endearing as her acting credit in TV shows.

Taylor Swift Pranking Selena Gomez

Ellen DeGeneres had Selena Gomez come over for her show, where they focused on the recording artist’s life. In the conversation, Gomez shared about her lupus diagnosis and career. She dropped by the talk show to also promote her new album, Revival. Selena and Ellen then talked about what it takes to become part of Taylor Swift’s squad, which involved baking and a lot of wine time.

However, little did Selena know, there was a real surprise just waiting to pop out of a box right next to the talk show host containing a man dressed up like Taylor, wearing a blonde with a lot of sparkles. Selena’s degree of shock was off the charts, and she was taken aback by the whole thing. It was a total jump scare for the actress and a successful prank yet again, by the prank queen herself, Ellen DeGeneres.

Chance The Rapper’s Perfect Reaction to Beyoncé Crashing His Interview

It’s Beyoncé’s world! It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t like her. Even the accounts of celebrities, who already have the millions of people following them, cannot resist the pull of her charm. Chance the Rapper, 27-year-old Chicago rapper, is one example. During his backstage interview with MTV News’s Meredith Graves, Chance was speaking of his physical form when Beyoncé crashed his interview and grabbed the rapper’s arm.

He completely freaked out when he realized that it was Beyoncé. Before running over to accost Beyoncé, he exclaimed, “Oh my God, that was awesome.” Chanced had heaped praise on Beyoncé’s performance at 2018 Coachella, he believed that Beyoncé’s performance was greater than any performance Michael Jackson ever did. Besides, he also underlined that we all have a responsibility to outdo our idols, even when it seems scary.

Billie Eilish And Justin Bieber At Coachella

Billie Eilish is known as a huge fangirl of Justin Bieber. She finally met her longtime idol, Justin Bieber, at the Coachella Music Festival. Scooter Braun is given credit for capturing the monumental occasion on Instagram. The international music sensation’s manager called the meeting “magic” as he posted it as part of his Instagram Stories. Bieber was also quick to express how supportive he is of the rising star by sharing his own photo of the event with Billie mentioning that the Eilish has a bright future ahead of her.

This was the Ocean Eyes singer’s first Coachella attendance and meeting with Bieber. The young artist expressed how extremely grateful she was and how the encounter moved her. She later shared that it took a while to process the lucky weekend she had. It might possibly be one of the most memorable moments she had in her young life.

Andrew Garfield Loses His Cool After Reading A Mean Tweet

One of Jimmy Kimmel’s famous segments in his show makes celebrities read mean tweets about themselves. Even Andrew Garfield couldn’t escape the attack. The Social Network actor didn’t take his tweet too lightly as he couldn’t contain his sheer amusement. He burst out laughing while reading one Twitter user’s bizarre and high opinion of him. The insult made him crack up so much. The British actor had to pause before leaning his head back in extreme shock right after reading the funny remark about his long shaggy hair back in 2015.

The tweet took a jab at his scruffy look since he was sporting a beard and lengthy hair. Andrew had a really hard time getting through the tweet without going into an intense fit of giggles. The 32-year-old actor actually proved his good nature by this chance. Let’s give credit to this tweet for making Andrew’s day.

Anne Hathaway Fangirling Over Mariah Carey

A famous and talented celebrity like Anne Hathaway is not immune to Mariah Carey’s superstardom electricity.  Anne completely lost her sophisticated self in the presence of the singing siren. After Hathaway realized she was only two arm’s length away from Mariah Carey in one red carpet event for the premiere of her movie The Intern, opposite Hollywood legend Robert DeNiro. Her face was gushing with excitement and was full of disbelief.

Anne was mid-conversation during an interview by the Associated Press when she caught a glimpse of Mariah. The actress was so starstruck; she was unable to speak in full sentences. She talked incessantly about Carey and her fav songs. Anne, later on, shared how she felt like freaking out. She seemed to have ignored the interviewer’s questions out of confusion. However, there is nothing more meaningful than seeing your loved one right in front of you.

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