The Ultimate Fine Dining Experiences

Eating in fancy restaurants is a form of luxury. Enjoying a sumptuous gourmet meal and experiencing quality service will definitely make you feel pampered like royalty.

This list is a roundup of the best places to eat if you have a knack for the finer things in life. These spots are given credit for executing prime presentations in their meals and how they serve. The atmosphere in these places will take you to regal culinary adventures that don’t come cheap but are guaranteed to pack some flavor.

1.Guy Savoy 

French chef Guy Savoy opened his flagship restaurant back in 1980. The establishment was awarded Michelin stars. A couple of courses from their a la carte selections start at a price point of €250. They serve deluxe dishes like oyster concassé, caviar, and barbecued pigeon. They have an extensive list of wines to choose from, and they go great with their delectable meals. The restaurant’s ambiance is given credit for being among the best in the world for its scenic view of the Seine. Outside France, Guy Savoy is also a gourmet staple in Las Vegas.


Masa’s tasting menu is priced at $595 per person, which does not include drinks and tax. This pricey restaurant is given credit for being the most expensive eating spot in America. It is so exclusive that getting a reservation for their limited seats has to be taken weeks prior. Chef and owner Masa Takayama is very hands-on when it comes to coming up with the menu as he is popular for serving expensive Kobe beef flown from Japan and the freshest seafood.

3.Per Se

Per Se is an exclusive restaurant located in New York City. It prefers to keep things to an intimate degree with a limited seating arrangement. It also has an amazing view of Central Park and the Columbus Circle. They offer a couple of tasting menus every day with nine courses that provide a wide array of flavors. These menus don’t run cheap since they are priced at a whopping $325.


SubliMotion has branches in Ibiza and Japan. It is located at the famous Hard Rock Hotel and offers meal services priced at €1,500 per person for an extravagant 20-course dinner. This restaurant opens its doors only during summertime. Diners will enjoy the immersive and entertaining culinary experience SubliMation brings to their tables. The establishment gives laser light shows and even mops projections all over the room. This place really takes food and leisure to an opulent degree since the tickets they hand out can also be eaten. Guests can even make their own salads with quirky and grand displays of vegetables.

5.Ithaa Undersea Restaurant 

Ithaa is given credit for being the pioneer of being an underwater restaurant. It is situated on the beautiful island of Maldives. Diners will experience enjoying their meals while they’re five meters below sea level. This experience is truly multisensory since you can enjoy the meals and the view of the underwater world. The restaurant serves contemporary European lunch and dinner with various numbers of courses. These meals have a price range of $195 to over 300 dollars, which doesn’t include drinks yet.

6.Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville 

This pricey restaurant, located in Crissier, Switzerland, offers an extensive selection of wines with forty pages. Chef Benoît and his wife are given credit for earning Michelin stars for Hôtel de Ville. At present, chef Frank Giovannini is the captain of the restaurant’s ship. He is known for his amazing take on seafood and meat products like goat. While maintaining the excellence the restaurant has earned, menu items stand at a price point of $532.

7.Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée

Internationally renowned French chef Alain Ducasse made major glitzy changes for his restaurant located in the Hôtel Plaza Athénée. If you have an eye for a glamorous design, then this restaurant will surely be eye candy for you. The owner really turned his restaurant into a gorgeous, delicious haven for foodies. The ceiling of the dining room has crystals that drape gorgeously. The menu’s price can be given credit for being a huge influence on the restaurant’s glam appeal as the main courses here are priced at over a hundred euros. Drinks are still not included in the bill, but their desserts here will cost you over three hundred euros.

8.Kitcho Arashiyama Honten


Kitcho Arashiyama Honten is located in Kyoto, Japan, and has been given Michelin stars for its superb Kyoto kaiseki cooking. Chef Kunio Tokuoka is given credit for the restaurant’s success. The restaurant is heavily inspired by tea ceremony houses back in the day. The place welcomes diners with short tables and traditional mats. People will also appreciate the restaurant’s lush garden. The menu offering is also based on the seasons to ensure prime dishes so guests can have a different experience every time they dine here.