Travel Destinations For The Mediterranean Foodie Hunters

The Mediterranean flavor is so diverse that it is served widely in many countries. In fact, its influence spreads wide to the degree of reaching all three continents: Asia, Africa, and Europe. With so many cultures mixed in, can you imagine all the delicacies the Mediterranean cuisine can serve? From dishes of bright and juicy tomatoes to the taste of crisp, dry rosé wine, briny olives, and some flaky honey-sweetened pastry on the side, here are countries that are known for serving the best of Mediterranean dishes.

In Spain

Many regional cuisines in Spain fall under the Spanish food umbrella: Basque, Andalusian, Catalan, and Valencian cuisine. To lure you through food tourism, here are the dishes that’ll surely get you daydreaming of the place.

While cruising Seville, how about indulging in a taste of the Andalusian-Mediterranean culinary fusion of tapas? The city credits for this mainstay dish and is copied everywhere in the world. However, there’s nothing like the original one in Seville.

How about the famous paella, which is considered a staple of the Valencian dish. Your trip to Valencia is not complete without a cooking lesson on this dish– a fantastic opportunity to enjoy some cooking lessons while enjoying the food too.

To experience the authentic Catalan cuisine, Barcelona is the city you should go to. The city prides its jamón serrano (dry-cured ham) to a great degree that pairing it with local artisan cheeses and a glass of bubbly Cava will most define your trip. In fact, Barcelona is known to be a place where your vacation dinner experience will surely be phenomenal every time.

Another meaningful activity in Barcelona is the famous Boqueria Food Market trip, where you will surely get your highest city food culture experience. Chefs will show you around the market and prepare for you a delicious dinner out of the market’s freshest finds.

For the Basque cuisine, which is the most delectable of all Spanish cuisines, your travel to the Basque region will present many Michelin-starred restaurants. For sure, it would be the most challenging trip for foodie travelers, especially when you’re on a tight food budget.

In France

French cuisine is also well-loved by many worldwide. Some of the delectable dishes that are sought-after are served in Provence and are made up of mostly fresh herbs, succulent seafood, and crisp wines. The region also credits its herbs de Provence, a bundle of combined herbs, typically including marjoram, oregano, rosemary, savory, and thyme. The Provençal cuisine is mainly about bouillabaisseratatouille, and socca.

Bouillabaisse is the classic seafood stew that originated from Marseilles, France. The dish is an assortment of fish and shellfish, with vegetables and flavored with herbs. It is also usually served with bread.

Ratatouille, although popularized even more by the animated film about rat-turned-chef, it is, for a long time, a famous delicious dish from Nice, France. As in the movie, it is a stew of vegetables where tomatoes are the dish’s foundation. The stew also includes onions, eggplant, zucchini, and herbs. More ingredients can be added to the dish too.

Socca hails from Nice, France too. This specialty is made up of flatbread made from chickpea flour, water, and oil. This is a popular street food that is also loved locally. The most artisan way of baking this is by cooking it over a wood-fired oven, as Provence would traditionally prepare it.