Secrets To Looking & Staying Young

Everyday wear and tear do not just happen to fixtures and equipment, it also happens to our body. While machines can be fixed and maintained for a span of time before they are permanently replaced, the human body only has one life and cannot just settle with mere maintenance. Doing so will affect its quality of life.

To enjoy real life is to feel young. Depending on the degree of youthfulness one wants, the person must build and set himself for it. We’ve compiled some tips on how to look and stay young. Read below:

Finding The Fountain Of  Youth

They say purpose determines the length of our life. But to most scientists, it’s all about the search for the fountain of youth. Never stop searching for the secrets that would add more years to your life. Get the vitality you need even when you’re already 80 and pursue to get that strength to push yourself for more years.

Stop Eating So Much

Some of the world’s oldest people live in Japan, and some studies revealed how eating less is the lifestyle the old folks living there have in common. Exercise and eating less don’t just credit to better weight but also to a longer life. Studies have proven that eating fewer calories essentially yields lower T3 hormone production, which slows down metabolism. And research has also proven the effect of lower T3 levels in slowing down the aging process.

Make Love

A study made by Mehmet Oz, MS, a professor and vice chairman of surgery at New York Presbyterian-Columbia University, says that women who enjoy sex live longer. In fact, according to him, doubling your usual amount of satisfying intercourse will result in additional three years more to your life. He further credits making love the very source of that zen feeling most women can’t find throughout the day, hence, keeping that calm and “feel-good, look-good” moment.

Use Your Brain

Putting our brain on daily exercise is putting it to good use. By doing so, it produces a tremendous effect in making you look younger. To the degree of how you want to remain brain and memory sharp even in your golden years, leading your brain to work every day will benefit not only your mental health but your overall state too. In fact, Dr. Geula can prove through neuropsychological tests how 80-year-olds who still work like those in their 50s have fewer brain tangles. That is to say that their brains are more protected from getting Alzheimer’s. So while you still can, stay young and sharp by learning more. Wake those sleepy brain cells.

Pour Yourself  Some Merlot

Red wine contains this compound resveratrol that slows down aging. A study on mice fed with such compounds showed stronger bones, better motor coordination, and lesser old age problems such as any heart condition. Although this is yet to be proven on humans, many nutritionists can attest how small, moderate consumption of at least 13% of red wine alcohol is good for the heart.

Lose The Muffin Top

In 2009, a published research was conducted to such a great degree that 6,583 people were tracked for more than 30 years to prove that those with significant belly fat in midlife are at triple risk to get dementia. So lose the belly now to avoid old age problems and stay young while you still can.

Eat More Plants

Many studies can prove that those who eat less meat but more on beans, soy, and nuts live longer. Getting yourself to eat more veggies will prolong your life and make you look younger and more radiant. It’s not really rocket science to know this.