Fashion Styles That Bella Hadid And Dua Lipa Shares

If you are one with a keen eye for fashion, you’ll see the obvious parallels between Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa’s style. We all know that the pop star currently dates the Hadid brother Anwar, and being that near to the family, it’s hard not to pick up at least a style or two from the sisters. If you scroll down Instagram photos of Bella and Dua, you’ll find how mostly the ’90s have influenced their fashion. Since the pop star’s style is directed more to the street, she has turned to Bella’s expertise and the fashion stylist Lorenzo Posocco’s guidance.

While on lockdown due to COVID-19, Bella Hadid was given credit for her first DIY fashion campaign, and her modeling work for Jacquemus. And Dua Lipa can’t help but fangirl the spring 2020 looks posted by Hadid. From items such as bralette, pink strappy tank, and the boxy cream blazer, Dua carted them all. Like on the autumn/winter 2020 collection, the singer wore the sailor-inspired Miu Miu bodysuits for Levitating’s remix music video. Quite the follow she did as the bodysuit isn’t even available for purchase yet.

Furthermore, suppose you look at Dua’s favorite brands. In that case, her list looks a lot more like Bella’s already, to the degree that she included designers such as Alexander Wang, Vivienne Westwood, and Balenciaga. If you haven’t noticed yet, the two friends both have the same Wildflower phone cases.

So from party tops to anything nice, here are the trends these two public figures share in common (and adding their own spin to it) during the pandemic.

Rave Shades

Bella Hadid pioneered the return of the micro square shades back into style, rendering tinted sunglasses that outdated the last summer of 2020. Do you remember these shades of The Matrix’s Neo from decades ago? Yes, they are officially back and in style! For the model’s micro square shades, she got hers from Fenty, a brand majoring in head-turning eyewear. You’ll notice how Bella’s lime-themed garden photoshoot featuring the eyewear is similar to that post of Dua, who also carefully arranged her color-coordinated selfie of sunny yellow theme and wearing the Attico x Linda Farrow specs.

Party Tops

For going-out tops, the two intentionally go for the ’90s trend. It’s quite obvious how these two currently get increasing credits for advocating the decade and the party-at-the-top, business-down-below style. Like Bella’s look at the VMAs, she is known to shine a spotlight on brands such as Nensi Dojaka. Dua, however, is all about the Insta factor by this Attico feathered top.

Juliet Johnstone’s Artistic Flares

Bella is bringing up again these artistic flares handpainted by Juliet Johnstone. The LA creative artist upcycled Dickies and Carharrt trousers with free-spirited painterly motifs. Credits to Bella’s Instagram feat of her creative outdoor look, Dua also fell for the notion. Immediately, the popstar also commissioned Johnstone (via Posocco) to make flower-power designs for her as well. Johnstone’s line now is swamped with orders of the anti-fast fashion tracksuit bottoms with images of her artwork, as featured by both young women on their IG accounts.


These two die-hard fashion followers have both tried to sport the visible knicker look. Since Bella is known to be a master of the string bikini, she rocked the sexy style with these tiny strings. On the other end, Dua proves to rock the trend as well by wearing the look (in briefs) on the cover of her latest single, Hallucinate. It also seems like Bella passed on to the singer her love for bustiers, which she wore a lot for a time in 2019. Dua also just recently accumulated quite a degree of collection from Westwood and Dion Lee corsets, plus Alexander Wang cut-out bodysuits.


To hide summer’s messy hair, Bella used the once-upon-a-time trendy Bandana look. And for the chic, the model prefers to use the one worn by Mary-Kate Olsen and TLC. And then, for Dua, since her boyfriend began dyeing her locks, she now has an excuse to wear and show off her trendy Louis Vuitton headscarf.

Boyish loungewear

During the lockdown, Bella and Dua both rocked the cut-off skater-style tracksuit bottoms and micro tees. It’s not a surprise to Bella, who is credited for being the extreme crop top queen. Patronizing brands such as Chrome Hearts, 24 Hr Laundry T-shirts, and Nike Air Force Ones, she’s one selling off the trend with just the outdoor look. For Dua, she leans on more on the Boys Lie and Brandy Melville for the basics, and of course, Nike for her trainers, except hers is in pale pink Shadow.