Epic Tennis Matches

1.Roger Federer And Peter Sampras, 2001 Wimbledon 

People weren’t aware that this matchup placed two of the biggest tennis stars in history at their first official tournament together. Roger Federer was still in his late teens and an underdog while facing the great Sampras. Each set in the match was neck and neck, which eventually led to a tiebreaker. Federer is given credit for being a solid tennis player for proving that he was the real deal.

2.John McEnroe And Bjorn Borg-Wimbledon Final


The year that followed the 1980 Wimbledon Final, John McEnroe swooshed right on to defeat the talented Bjorn Borg. It wasn’t on the same degree of intensity as the year before that, but the match between these two men showed really good sportsmanship. There was a hefty amount of naysayers who underestimated McEnroe, but he was able to get the best out of the tiebreaker. This match played a big role in his win since his opponent can’t seem to catch up with him back then.

3.Pete Sampras And Andre Agassi, 2001 US Open Quarter-Final

Later in their careers, Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi were playing an amazing game during the US Open back more than a decade ago. During the fourth round, they both played multiple set matches. Sampras can give credit to his impressive delivery for giving him triple wins, which made him qualify for the next round.

4.Nojak Djokovic And Rafael Nadal, 2012 Australian Open Final 

Novak Djokovic is given credit for being the most respected player in the history of the Australian Open. He was part of the lengthiest Grand Slam Final in the history of tennis. The players battled it out with intense rallies that gave the two men a hard time carrying the match. They were still showing great tennis skills in later sets. Nadal led the fifth set and broke Djokovic’s serve. Eventually, Djokovic was able to dodge the bullet and carry the game successfully to Nadal’s dismay.

5.Novak Djokovic And Roger Federer, 2014 Wimbledon Final


Novak Djokovic used to dominate his games and wasn’t bagging medals for his majors though he did obtain a number of wins at the Australian Open. His main goal was getting recognition for the events at the Grand Slam. The match had a couple of tiebreakers, which included a set that was given credit for being an impressive initial set. This matchup was Federer’s final chance to watch the game.

6.John Isner And Nicolas Mahut At Wimbledon 

The game started out less intense since the initial double sets were divided between two players. A tiebreaker was given credit for giving a tie for some sets. The two players have powerful serving skills, so it made the game a lengthy event. Isner rose as the winner for the fifth set. This was considered one of the most memorable matches.

7.Roger Federer And Andy Roddick 

Andy Roddick can give Roger Federer credit for bringing huge shifts to his career. They have a common age range, but Federer eventually became the more dominant between the two. Roddick was very close to beating Federer with their tiebreaker. Their last set lasted for more than twenty games. Roddick’s serve was great, but Federer eventually saw a way to break the tie finally.

8.Stan Wawrinka And Novak Djokovic

Stan Wawrinka and Roger Federer’s match may be considered a bit underrated but is given credit for being one of the most shocking losses in tennis history. During the quarterfinals, Stan Wawrinka was able to win against Roger Federer. The skills to win against the second and best players on the planet during this time is impressive. Djokovic showed up as the leader by becoming the winner. Wawrinka then turned things around by shifting the power back to him. He then found his rhythm and scored the lead without being too dependent on a tiebreaker.