Embracing Hailey Bieber’s Fashion Style In 5 Ways

Even before she was married to Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin Bieber is known to rock the streetwear and the ’90s style. In fact, she is one of the esteemed icons in the fashion world who receives a lot of credit for her style. Fortunately, her fashion sense is easy to replicate and most wearable by any of her fans on a day-to-day basis. She is also marked by her signature square sunglasses and gold hoop earrings, among her popular ensembles. To dress like Hailey Bieber, it doesn’t matter if you have exactly the items she wears or not. By simply sticking to her style, you get to achieve her chic.

1) The Monochromatic Look

Rock the all-white ensemble like Mrs. Bieber with this monochromatic look. See how she champions this winter whites look without becoming too matchy-matchy, and that is because of the mix of different shades of white and ivory in her outfit. Furthermore, the model used different textures for her coat, jeans, and boots. In that way, she undoubtedly kept the ensemble interesting.

For several times, she has often strutted the streets with an all-white ensemble and looked snow-queen perfect each time– a sophisticated fit for winter and spring.

2) The Crop Top

The crop top trend also credits Hailey for acing all the best ways to wear the style. In fact, the model wore it just about for any occasion. Whether she dresses it up or down, this girl can do both! As a key to her crop top-wearing prowess, the model has mastered balancing the style in proportions. She dresses up the look with a set of oversized ’80s-inspired short suit to avoid looking like she’s off to the beach with the piece. By showing just the right amount of skin, it does magic and polishes the look.

Another way Mrs. Bieber rocks the crop top piece is by wearing it with this pale brown robe coat. By doing so, it balances out the model’s casual outfit. It’s certainly the perfect outfit for weekend errands.

3) Borrow From The Boys

Having an equally-stylish icon for a husband has its perks. We are sure that the model has access to more boyish fashion items she can improvise with. In the photo, you’ll see an item or two that Hailey Bieber might have borrowed from her husband’s closet. Why not borrow it from the boys, right? Anyhow, the old school outfit of loose jeans, menswear-inspired KSUBI sweater, and leather blazer is a recipe for the just-wear-menswear-inspired style. By wearing so, Hailey channels the ’90s starlet with her ensemble.

Wearing an oversized camel coat finishes off the look with a modern and sleek style. Of course, the ponytail and ladylike purse contribute to a great degree in balancing the masculinity underneath the coat.

4) Rock A T-Shirt Dress

Crediting to Hailey’s casual-cool image, it’s no surprise how this model can effortlessly turn a T-shirt dress into a fashion statement. Finishing off with the square sunglasses, she brings the simple T-shirt’s look to high degree fashion. Of course, her signature golden hoops polishes off the look.

How do you like this graphic-designed T-shirt dress Hailey rocked? She paired it with chunky sneakers and made it look like a match made in heaven with her loose curls and pretty pink lipstick to finish the look.

5) Suit Up

As someone who is credited for her penchant for androgynous styles, Hailey is bound to include this set in her top five. The model, like many others, loves to suit it up! Hailey adds youth to this style by pairing it with sneakers and playful oversize silhouettes.

Have you already guessed it? It’s quite apparent how suits and crop tops happen to be two of Hailey Bieber’s favorite go-to trends. You’ll see her in numerous pictures with such pieces. Certainly, the lightweight linen’s texture also has much to do with why it is easily the model’s comfortable wear.

This plaid suit style matches the playful look the model represents for her youth. And the larger fit always makes it suitable for the outside-of-the-office look. However, putting on heeled boots or pumps and an elegant sweater will do the trick to dress the lookup. Indeed, this set is a wardrobe investment every girl should have!