Dress To Impress: Five Golden Rules Men Should Know

Even men should dress to impress. We should remember while what’s inside our heart and mind is important, the gateway to winning an audience is through the way we present ourselves at face value. We believe that a big factor of face value depends on the degree of overall pleasantness we manifest. And pleasantry usually has a lot to do with posture, presentability, plus eye-catching style.

For men’s fineness, depending on the degree you are aiming for, here are the five golden rules in dressing that make a good impression. From winning a date to closing a deal, these style tips will get you to look your best on any given occasion.

1.Get Well Suited Up 

If you are to wear a suit, then you’ll have to wear it well, and it shouldn’t be complicated at all. It’s not even about the style or the designer brand of your set– it only has to mean fit. To ensure you look sharp and stylish in your suit, focus on the fit across the shoulders because the chest and waist area is easier to adjust. If wearing a set, you’ll do right by sticking to the classic, as it remains elegant among the other improved looks. Think of it as a uniform (usually dark, with two buttons, and single-breasted) canvas all men wear to an event, and they get to think up ways to create their individuality around. Always remember when you’re wearing one, it’s not about the suit but how you wear it.

2.The Time Watch 

Like women are with their jewelry, men are with the perfect watch. A watch is an art piece that attracts the people you want around you. It also reflects the person who wears it. To a degree, it marks the kind of person you are. That is why your watch has to fit you well. It would be best to project how comfortable you are wearing it and if not, then have it at the right size and fit.

3.Wear Your Color

Whether it’s a casual or formal event, don’t shy away from indulging in a bit of color as most men do. You don’t always have to stick to the dark colors or the usual guy colors of navy and gray ones. Adding some color can make you pretty definitive, too, like the effect of a green suit or the rusty red, mustard, and pink shades. However, when adding colors, you have to remember how having less is still more.

4.Wear Your Almost-Perfect Pair Of Jeans

According to Alex Mir, co-owner of Forge Denim, the all-time most useful cut of jeans is ‘slim-tapered’ because it is wide in the thigh but comfortably narrows down, making it work well with smart and casual shoes. So for your all-year-round go-to pair, a slim jeans wardrobe investment is a good call for all occasions. If you’re at it, get the darker and raw ones. As time passes, you’ll also see how your jeans age well with you.

5.Take Care Of  Your Appearance

Your mother may have advised you the same. So if you have indeed shed out good investment money on your whole wardrobe, partner grooming with your choicest outfit ensemble. It won’t hurt to take care of your fine pieces, too, like your having your suits dry-cleaned and pressed after every use. Wash your clothes regularly and skip tumble-drying them to avoid degrading the fabric, then hang your clothes on wooden hangers. You can also commit to a good grooming regimen like brushing your hair and cutting your nails. Polish your shoes too before heading out. All these are little things that add value to your appearance.