9 Travel Wardrobe Essentials You Should Have With You

There are inevitable moments we have to be prepared for. Of course, we may not know what they are, but at least we can anticipate and show up whenever. However, in cases where a business, personal, or family trip is needed to be taken on short notice, there’s a probability that it could turn into a wardrobe horror story. Fret not because we got you covered! The following is a list of wardrobe essentials that will get you through any destination. With all of these items in tow, you’re as much as ready to pack and go. From low to high degrees of temperature, any occasion, or the type of travel, these wardrobe essentials will save your day.

1.Versatile Flats For Shoes

Having a comfortable pair of shoes ready, especially ones of good quality, is a lifesaver. It’s not far off to expect a lot of walking on any of your trips, and should you have expected correctly, then you’re ready. Make sure that you are in style too. And even if the trip doesn’t seem to involve walking and traveling long hours on the train, then those easy to wear flats are perfect for you. They are the safest to wear for most of your clothes and are very easy to pack too.

2.Black Pants

Know that in most of your sudden trips, you can never be too sure of the kinds of events you’ll get invited to. There might be a need to look smart, and black pants is the safest of all outfits. While choosing which of your black pants, go for the pairs that fit you perfectly. In this way, whether you go clubbing or to conduct an impromptu sales appointment, you have fresh pairs to save you for the occasion. You’ll be surprised at how many times black pants would save you on a trip. Should there be any extensions and delays in the trip, these ones are easy to wash and dry too.

3.Neutral Tee

For your trips, whether it’s for business or a family event, maybe a cousin’s wedding, packing along a basic tee would do wonders too. You never know when you will need one. Since it’s easy to pack, you might as well go with it. Plus, this is also perfect for layering clothes in low degree weathers. Always remember that in choosing the right tee, go for the simple ones that have good material, ones that don’t stretch out easily.

4.Lightweight Trench Coat

Layers are always something you should think of first when traveling. So pack things that work well as a layer. Bringing with you a lightweight trench coat is a smart move, especially when you’re not sure about the weather of where you’re headed to. A trench coat is also wearable with any outfit, from casual to formal wear. The key to choosing the right coat is to go for one with lightweight material and neutral color, so it’s comfortable in all climates and good for all occasions.

5.Little Black Dress

As it is essential in all closets, so it is in traveling. One can never go wrong in keeping a little black dress ready. A little black dress credits to that classic look you can aim for in case of any formal cocktail you need to go to. It can also easily turn into smart wear when you need one. With the right jewelry or a layer of a scarf, you can make up any look you want. Plus, this one is easy to pack. The key is to pick the one that doesn’t get all wrinkly and is appropriate for all events.


Bringing a handful of choices for scarves with you will work wonders too. Whether you use it as a bandana or wear it like an accessory, using them can easily change your look to a great degree. Some colors will brighten you up and change up your aura. You can shift your looks by wearing them long, untied, or looped around your neck. You can even let them hang gracefully over your shoulders for a more relaxed feel.

7.Oversized Wrap

Whether or not you have a large scarf with you, an oversized wrap is also a good idea that can warm you up on the plane or just anywhere you’re at. Throw it over your basic tee and black pants, and it’s already a weekend look you can go for. In choosing a wrap, go for the oversized and lightweight ones.

8.Tote Bag

Whether you’re traveling with a hand-carry suitcase or one to be checked-in, be sure to take with you a large tote bag to carry. This kind of bag is good to have with you, especially when you’re out shopping as it’ll hold all the souvenirs you’ve picked out on your travels. Just choose the one that is the best type for you, with the features you are most comfortable with, like those that are zippered or open for easy access. Of course, your bag’s color and design also matters. In traveling, it is safe to go for the ones that will match most of your outfits.


You won’t go wrong in bringing with you a clutch you might need for all occasions. Having at least a handy pouch that can hold your essentials will get you all ready for any short notice event that might pop up in your travel. It’ll also be good for dinners where you’d want to make an impression. So getting a good one is an investment you shouldn’t skip.