5 Basic Wardrobe Styles Every 30-Year-Old Should Own

By the time you’re 30, you should decide to arrange your wardrobe lineup carefully. By then, at the minimum, you’ve already chosen which styles present your physical features well and complement the image you’re working on. We know it’s no easy feat. That is why we recommend turning to the expert and fashion inspiration Victoria Beckham to walk us through the basics every 30-something should have in their closet. Style comes easy to the 46-year-old, credits to her creative mind and decades of proven perfect wardrobe ensemble– she manages to appear well-dressed anywhere. To channel Beckham’s sharpness in you, go for the classics!

Rummage through your closet and replace it if necessary. This handful of sharp, wear-anything-with pieces will definitely change how you carry yourself every day of your 30s life. Let’s break down these wardrobe essentials and check out the best pieces on the market today. As these trendy styles are worn and rotated by the fashion diva herself, consider them as part of your closet essentials and start your basic wardrobe investment. Owning these pieces will surely open doors for you like it does for Beckham. You won’t have to worry too, as these styles are ones that last for years.

1.Black Blazer

A believer of the power of black blazer herself, Beckham is sure that there’s almost nothing you can’t pair it with. Owning a good quality one will cover numerous occasions for you. Whether it’s for an impromptu work thing or a weekend meet-and-greet, it’s one of the safest pieces to own. Take it from the expert herself, who usually wears hers with tailored trousers or simple jeans and t-shirt looks. Beckham attests to the wonders black blazer credits for even with the simplest pieces underneath. One can never go wrong with this wardrobe item, no matter the occasion. Fashion experts recommend wearing your blazer under your outerwear in colder months to give you a more polished look indoors.

2.Crisp Tee

Who would have thought a white t-shirt is considered essential for your wardrobe. Well, only a fashionista like Beckham would. The designer has been seen many times sporting the tee and still looking sharp and stylish. She pairs hers with pieces equally considered fashion investments, matching it with leather pants or silky midi skirts. Beckham proves how this wardrobe staple should not be undermined. Indeed, nothing gets more essential than a crisp, white t-shirt. Note that some of the best tees on the market come at a reasonable price but make sure that when you shop for your own, go for the relaxed silhouettes made with soft materials like cotton.

3.Longline Coat

If you are well invested in all-black pieces, it’s about time to consider going for an oversized camel coat for rich contrast. As you’ve probably already noticed, Beckham has often proven to look sharp with the longline silhouettes. Even with an all-black ensemble, draping hers over sweaters and baggy pants say a lot about her fashion statement. This look is well recommended for days when matching outfits feels impossible. It is on those days that your coat saves the day and brings your entire look together.

4.Suit Set

In this season, the trend of matching suits has gained serious momentum. However, this is not the case for fashion designer Victoria Beckham, who has been wearing her pairs for many years already. According to her, the mix of sharp, tailored blazers with relaxed trousers credit for a polished look and one that inherently feels free-spiritedly stylish as well. Her closet is full of these trendy sets that come in every color. Although lately, she has favored pops of color and jewel tones.

5.High-Waisted Jeans

Having a pair of high-waisted jeans in your closet is a must in your 30s. The same is true even for the 46-year-old Beckham, who wears hers to create an effortless off-duty look. One can’t go wrong with a pair of vintage-wash jeans or even one with a darker hue. As we see Beckham rock these jeans, it’s also good to counteract the casual bottoms with a turtleneck sweater and ankle boots. Top it with your signature accessory, as for Beckham– her oversized sunglasses. Yours can be a mini-bag or layered necklaces; it’s all up to your sense of personal style too!